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The Wai Diet is about eating raw, natural, easy to digest foods, excluding all cooked foods and foods that naturally contain high levels of anti-nutrients or (plant-)hormones.

We will show that the Wai diet abundantly supplies all required nutrients, and that one doesn't need other, so called 'healthy foods' containing compounds that need to compensate for the ill effects of a normal diet.

We will supply guidance as to how adapt to this diet, how to take in exactly the right amounts of energy, and how to optimally appreciate it.

1. An introduction to the reasoning behind the Wai Diet:
Wai Intro: An Optimal Diet? (PDF format)

2. What is the Wai Diet? [The Wai Diet]

3. How to start with the Wai Diet?
Wai Start: How to Begin? (PDF format)

4. The Wai Diet in short:
Wai Short: The Wai Diet (PDF format)