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Vegetables, Grains and Beans

Since we aren't pigeons or cows, we don't have a crop to digest cereals, nor 4 stomachs to gradually digest grasses or leaves. Cereals and vegetables contain many different substances inhibiting digestion and the uptake of nutrients, when eaten by humans. Humans therefore need to eat food that is appropriate for their digestive system. There is not a single nutrient in vegetables or cereals that fruits do not contain.

Only after introduction of agriculture was it possible to feed a large army. Logistically speaking, you simply cannot feed an army on fruits alone. Cities could only have evolved thanks to agriculture. Furthermore, to be able to feed 'the working class' at a low cost, one definitely needs agriculture. Health was never a concern here.

Why would we need a crop or 4 stomachs to digest cereals, beans or vegetables?
Just take a look at animals consuming plants only, like cattle, elephants, horses, koala bears, hippo's, gorilla's, etc.; what do they all have in common?

Large Bellies
All plant eating animals have large bellies, because fibers can only be decomposed bacterially, causing gasses to originate. If one consumes lots of grains, vegetables or beans, one definitely can forget about having a flat belly (it's not just about fat!). Cereals and beans contain about 6-fold more fiber as fruit does on average (fiber also inhibits essential cholesterol absorption (1), which can cause depression and sleeplessness).

But it's not just the fiber. Fruit contains fruit-sugars or fats (and vitamins) to attract animals consuming these fruits, spreading their seeds. Contrarily, vegetables, grains and beans always contain substances that protect these plants against consumption:
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Humans only started to eat plants after having discovered how to use fire to prepare them (with some exceptions). Unfortunately not all harmful substances are destroyed by heat. [more]

We were not meant to eat plants (i.e. vegetables, grains and beans), and are better off not doing so. We don't need anything from plants, because we can get all the necessary nutrients elsewhere. To assure maximum absorption of all required nutrients, one needs to consume easy-digestible raw food.

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