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by nick
Sat 21 Jul 2007 08:49
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: photos
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No doubt!
by nick
Sun 01 Jul 2007 19:57
Forum: General health issues
Topic: Vitamin B-17 and Cancer?
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Vitamin B-17 and Cancer?

Very interesting video about B-17 and cancer.

What do you think RRM and Oscar?
by nick
Thu 14 Jun 2007 06:45
Forum: Diet dilemmas
Topic: Monster Cravings!!!
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Re: Monster Cravings!!!

I'm new to the board and the Wai diet. This is my third day on the diet at about 98% (taking doxycycline and have shelled brazil nuts; waiting for my shipment of unshelled). I'll go 100% once I get my shipment. It is not recommended that you take antibiotics while on this diet. They can imbalance t...
by nick
Wed 30 May 2007 19:26
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Creative Commons for WaiSays copyright protection
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Creative Commons for WaiSays copyright protection

RRM and Oscar,

You should check out Creative Commons. This would a great idea to copyright the site and prevent stealing, borrowing and maintain authorship of the site.
by nick
Tue 29 May 2007 01:39
Forum: General health issues
Topic: Life expectancy and Diet
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Everyone's senstivity is different to certain substances. We always say around that some people can smoke two packs a day and still not die of cancer. Some people do have immunity to HIV. Some people are very sensitive to certain substances and some don't feel anything from them. But we ...
by nick
Thu 03 May 2007 21:34
Forum: Nuts (and seeds)
Topic: how long will brazil nuts last
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Do you live near a wholesale distributor?
You can buy bulk fruits and they save money compared to grocery store prices.
by nick
Wed 02 May 2007 18:56
Forum: Diet Diaries
Topic: Into the depths of my sebum
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I can second the itchyness. It does go away after some time and we are all different as to how long it takes our body to return to that natural balance. Determination!
by nick
Sun 15 Apr 2007 18:25
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Tomate & Cucumber Get Separated!
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Tomato and cucumber is surprisingly delicious! I agree!
I like to add raw fish to it sometimes and that hits the spot, it is a much more "refined" taste and once you begin to enjoy it, the subtleties are rather enjoyable.
by nick
Sat 07 Apr 2007 16:55
Forum: Xperiences in general
Topic: Fruits and Sunshine
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Before the diet I really loved rainy days, as they kept me inside and they were relaxing and calming. I found it enhanced my calmness and I enjoyed reading, playing music and doing something pleasant. After the diet, the urge for sunny days increased to like never before. Not that I didn't like sunn...
by nick
Sat 31 Mar 2007 16:46
Forum: Foods in general
Topic: wine
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The bible says a lot of things, but you don't need its 'sanctity' to have permission to drink wine. It doesn't hurt to relax now and again, and drinking wine couldn't hurt.
by nick
Mon 26 Mar 2007 15:44
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Promotion of the Wai way....
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Rischott, I find your plan to be something that is a personal dream that is possible but at the same time I haven't given up hope yet. Personally, I think it would be great as I wonder how many types of different fruits you can grow in that region. Have you researched it out? What about Olive Oil or...
by nick
Mon 26 Mar 2007 01:36
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Promotion of the Wai way....
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Perhaps a new paradigm in thought will occur and people will realize that doing it the hard way is the only way to be sure, thus a group of people who start now and gradually build up will bring that change. Perhaps RRM's osteoporosis theory and subsequent research will only bring more people to thi...
by nick
Sun 25 Mar 2007 22:39
Forum: Losing overweight
Topic: Why People Lose Weight on This Diet
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Before this diet, I could eat 12 apples or 6 bananas in one setting. Now i have difficulties eating one banana in one setting. Usually I finish it in about 15 minutes. The same with drinking juice etc. A-ha! This is the same for me too! I only want a whole banana if I just did something really ener...
by nick
Thu 15 Mar 2007 20:17
Forum: Foods in general
Topic: Food Combining
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I think that last remark by RRM is the best response about the purity experienced on this diet. Natural foods have a certain new connection that you never knew about before, only after the diet and with enough time this realization takes place and you see the infinite joy of eating fruits and fish a...