Slow juicer recipes

Got any good recipes? Share them here.
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Re: Slow juicer recipes

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Yeah essential oil from amazon I think.
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Re: Slow juicer recipes

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Ok, equipment versapers/presse agrumes Krups, All juices are put through a sieve, except banana ...

Top 5 that comes up very regularly :

- Apple juice (granny smith)
- Watermelon / melon
- Mango
- Mango / Banana (life is hard.... :D )
- apple / orange / banana (rare, uncommon)

Once a week or once every two weeks, Sunday, 2.5 liters : apple, orange, peach, mango, melon, ginger, pears and bananas last because it takes before bananas sift all the juice because it is impossible to sift banana juice ....

Tomato juice is also very good

Orange-Pomme is very good

The versapers can extract an incredible number of extra fresh-squeezed fruit juice is really a great investisment, I think it is even better a lot of the juice than eating them whole fruit ....

In the best in terms of price and performance (at this moment), amount of juice this time, the watermelon juice: 3 euros a watermelon, sometimes they are huge and can weigh 5-6 pounds which is 2, 2.5 liters, one watermelon .

The record: When I extract about 3 liters of a single watermelon (juice sieve)

What makes the record in terms of efficiency, cutting fruit, prices, fast pressing and cleaning beating orange juice.
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Re: Slow juicer recipes

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Has anyone tried soaking the almonds before making the almond milk? I read that you *must* soak them 24 hours overnight (but this was for a non-slow juicer), but maybe soaking will make the almonds softer and therefor better juice.
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Re: Slow juicer recipes

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I think that soaking is kinda compulsory for a slow juicer.
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