North Pole Eggs

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North Pole Eggs

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for each egg yolk, use 1 tbsp of white sugar and 1 tbsp of water

1.) put the yolks in a container
2.) add the white sugar. stir well
3.) add hot water. might be from the tube if you wanna save time. still i recommend 70ºC-80ºCs, it won't damage that much the protein and it will make the yolks get kinda more "gelified".
4.) let rest for 30 seconds and then put in the freezer
5.) eat after 1-2 days

delicious :P

(I got my inspiration to this wanting to do like a fast, more Wai version of ovos moles (soft eggs), a traditionally portuguese recipe, which is just heating the sugar with the water in the minium power on the stove, for about 5-10 minutes, until it gets kinda pasty, and then adding the yolks, and stiring very well for about 2 minutes, and the turning off the heat and put in the fridge. This is un-Wai but shouldn't do that much damage in the yolks, I guess, if you always use the lowest heat possible. you only need the heat because it will make it pasty/gelified, which means some very light cooking)
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