Avocado + Cucumber Salad

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Avocado + Cucumber Salad

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Avocado + Cucumber Salad = Pretty Snack or a deconstructed dessert-salad. (appetizer worthy look)
Preparation Time: ~ 10 min

Items you will need:
1 avocado
1 cucumber
4 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp vinegar
1 spoon
1 peeler
1 knife
1 cutting board
1 plate
~ tomato

1. Peel and dice the cucumber.
2. Mix cucumber cubes with sugar and vinegar.
3. Split the avocado in half, scoop and throw out the brown pit.
4. Scoop cucumber cubes onto the avocado halves as much as it can hold.

5. Peel and scoop out seeds of a tomato.
6. Slice tomatoes and add on top of cucumbers.

7. Serve the avocado-cucumber, with the remaining cucumber salad (or cucumber-tomato salad) on the side, as there might be some extra avocado that will go nicely along with more cucumbers.
Bon appetite! :D
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Re: Avocado + Cucumber Salad

Post by RRM »

Personally, i feel that cucumber is a bit bitter, so i prefer the avocado version.
Nice pic, btw.
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