Goose eggs? Duck eggs?

About (not) consuming fresh raw fish and fresh raw egg yolks
Mrs. Shie

Postby Mrs. Shie » Wed 26 Aug 2009 08:33

Thanks for your reply, although a little late. I ate 3 of them, but so far so good. Anyway, I will leave them for the family to eat cooked because I worry most of parasites. I don't know if this is reasonable.
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Postby Oscar » Wed 26 Aug 2009 10:03

Opinions differ about parasites. I believe that there shouldn't be any worry once the body i.c. immune system is in good shape, but RRM believes we always have to be careful.
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Postby RRM » Thu 27 Aug 2009 17:51

Yes. Its just that i know too little about various parasites, so that im not confident telling anyone about what is safe, and what is not.
Mrs. Shie

Postby Mrs. Shie » Fri 28 Aug 2009 02:24

Thanks so much to both Administrators; your information is for reference; in the end we have to take a decision ourselves on what to do.

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