buying fish online

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buying fish online

Postby Iris » Mon 18 Jun 2012 00:12

Lately, I have been ordering my fish online, since it is often very difficult to find good fish around here and it takes a lot of time searching for it (which I don't always have). I like home-shopping for a lot of things (for the same reasons I just mentioned), so I figured it would be much easier if I could just find myself a online fish shop which sells fresh fish. I was very skeptic at first, afraid it wasn't all that fresh, but I decided to try it anyway. I'm glad I did; their salmon is the best I've ever had! So for all Dutch people who struggle to get some good quality, fresh salmon, you could buy some at this approved (by me 8) :wink:) online shop:

By the way, I always order whole salmon :!: I have not tried fillet/frozen salmon, nor other fish yet (except from tuna; it was not exceptional good, but not that bad either).

Maybe similar fish shops can be found in other countries too, and I'm sure some people here already order their fish. Perhaps those people can post their findings here (about fish quality from those shops), so other people can get good quality fish too.
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Re: buying fish online

Postby Oscar » Mon 18 Jun 2012 17:24

Looks interesting :)
They also have (frozen) red mul(et), I see. Keep us updated when you try other fish from them. :)

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