Irradiated foods

About (not) consuming fresh raw fish and fresh raw egg yolks
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Irradiated foods

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For those in the States who want to try eating some raw beef, for example- here''s a quote from the FDA:
How do I know if food has been irradiated?

FDA currently requires that irradiated foods include labeling with either the statement "treated with radiation" or "treated by irradiation" and the international symbol for irradiation, the radura (pictured at the top of this document).
Are irradiated foods available now?

Not widely yet. Some stores have sold irradiated fruits and vegetables since the early 1990s. Irradiated poultry is available in some grocery storesmostly small, independent marketsand on menus of a few restaurants.

On the other hand, some spices sold wholesale in this country are irradiated, which eliminates the need for chemical fumigation to control pests. American astronauts have eaten irradiated foods in space since the early 1970s. Patients with weakened immune systems are sometimes fed irradiated foods to reduce the chance of a life-threatening infection.
so hopefully, not all has been radiated, yet :twisted:

you can see the international logo here:
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