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Post by rafaelo »

ok. i'm gonna do this right this time.

brief history with wai diet:
never did it hardcore. at most one week, sample diet style.
after that munch foods included chips and candy. consumed more "junk food" i ever had in my entire life- which isn't that much- and still lost 30+ pounds (160lb to 130 lb, 5'8")
skin never cleared up completely. and went through major mood swings, bc i was not consuming enough calories.
diet for awhile consisted of bananas, oranges, apples, sashimi, and occassional junkfood.
went on a couple weeks where i binged on rice.
experienced breakouts from eating too little.
went on a total junkfood binge in the last two weeks. you name it: burgers, potato skins mcdonald's. feel like crap. surprisingly skin didn't break out that bad - mostly below lip. developed pot belly and weight gain.

anyway, i'm doing this for real, now. need all the support i can get!!
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Re: day1

Post by nick »

You can do it!

Use the old Q & A Board for help to certain questions, it's invaluable when you have a problem/question.

Best of Luck!
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Re: day1

Post by BlueFrog »

Glad to hear you're giving it another go, Rafaelo. I've found that the cravings are very managable once my body got over the initial 'shock'. I hope you find the same.

Good luck!
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