Meal planning

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Meal planning

Post by Rylan »

I am 6 foot tall and weigh 120 pounds. I am starting this diet. I have been eating fruits and salmon.
My question is how much do I eat each meal, for the day, etc? Some sample meals would help. I want to lose weight down to 190.
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Re: meal planning

Post by RRM »

My question is how much do I eat each meal, for the day, etc? Some sample meals would help. I want to lose weight down to 190.
Getting in exactly the right amount of energy is always key.
If only you consume 1% too much energy daily, you will gain 1 kg of bodyfat per year.
And when somebody will tell you what to eat, he cannot possibly be advising accurately,
as your energy requirements are highly individual and differe per day.
Luckily, there is always someone who can tell you exactly how much to take in:
your own body.
All you need to do, is to start learning to listen to your body constantly.
Rylan wrote:I have been eating fruits and salmon.
Eating whole fruits and salmon, you will need to eat a lot to get in sufficient energy.
You should not consume large meals, but small meals very frequently; at least every half an hour.
Because fruits contain easy to digest, fast sugars. Consuming too much in one meal would spike your insulin levels too much.
It would also stretch your stomach too much, and then your sense of 'hunger' might be guided for your longing
to fill up that stomach again, whereas you need to start listening to your blood energy level instead.
My question is how much do I eat each meal, for the day, etc? ... I want to lose weight down to 190.
Consuming small meals very frequently, you constantly replenish lost blood sugar,
so that your keep your energy level up, without storing bodyfat (excess sugar is stored as bodyfat),
and as you burn bodyfat 24/7 (without exercise), your bodyfat level will go down, and down, and down.
Even when you sleep, you burn bodyfat.
Never consume too little energy though, because then you will feel starting lethargic, and you will crave for munch foods.
As soon as you dont feel energetic anymore, you need to consume some fruit to feel energetic again.

The only exercise that may help you additionally, is some 'bodybuilding' meant to increase muscle volume,
or keep it at the same level.
No cardiovascular activities, as they just burn a lot of sugars.
Why bodybuilding? Because resting muscles burn fats for energy; so that the more muscles, the more fat is burned.
Sure, you also need a lot of carbs to do bodybuilding, but less than for cardiovascular exercises.
Some sample meals would help.
Say you need 2400 kcal per day from fruits (its just an example, not reality!!),
and assuming you dont eat anything between 11 PM and 7 AM, you have 16 hours to get those 2400 kcal,
which is 75 kcal per 30 minutes, which is about:
1 apple or: 5 apricots, 3/4 of a banana, 3 dates, 1.5 figs, 220 grams (8 US ounce) of honeydew / muskmelon, 1.5 kiwi, 2 mandarins,
120 grams (4 ounce) of mango, 160 ml of OJ, 1 medium-small papaya, 2 peaches, 1 small pear, 150 grams (5 ounce) of pineapple,
2 plums, 1 ounce of raisins, 9 ounce strawberries (about 21 units), 3 tomatoes or 8 ounce of watermelon.
Salmon, avocado and nuts dont count, because its mainly fats for energy, so you should eat that in addition to some other food.
(yes, you DO need that fat)
Of course you would need a lot of extra sugar prior and during exercise. (juice plus sugar is most effective)
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