began 3 days ago, used calculator, many missing nutrients

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began 3 days ago, used calculator, many missing nutrients

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Hi there, I found this diet as I was constipated. Problem cured after 3 days! I continue to read about this and am intrigued by how simple this is and the food addictions, etc. However, plugged the food I ate into the calculator and came up with many missing items even though I am following the two week diet almost perfectly. Also, my skin is very dry (do not have acne), though my hair feels better. Sleeping is sweet. My tastebuds are returning. Have no desire for alcohol or dairy. A bit of gasiness as I learn when and how to combine things. I guess my main concerns are what the calculator said (not understanding a lot of it) and the dry skin at this point. Any suggestions? Thank you!
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Post by Oscar »

Hello, and welcome on the forum. :)

If you are referring to the "Missing item" notices in the report of the calculator, then there is no cause for concern, because they refer to RDA numbers missing, not nutrients missing from your diet.

If you want, you can post exactly what you eat in a day, and we'll have a look to see if it's okay or not. :)

Good to hear things are going well. :)
That your skin gets more dry is correct, because it will get rid of the excess amounts of retained water (due to 'dirty' proteins (and spices)).
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The skin needs a little time to adapt to this new situation (retaining less water). In a short while, your skin will be smoother and softer than before.
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