Lung cancer risk may be lowered by vitamin B6 and methionine

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Lung cancer risk may be lowered by vitamin B6 and methionine

Postby Kasper » Thu 17 Jun 2010 01:32

Lung cancer risk may be lowered by vitamin B6 and methionine. This is according to a new study by scientists who studied more than 400,000 people to establish the relation between lung cancer and the amount of vitamin B6 and methionine.

In the study, blood samples were drawn from the participants and analyzed for the levels of vitamin B6 and methionine. Then after adjusting for other variables between the different participants, the study concluded that those people with higher levels of this vitamin B6 and methionine had a lower risk of getting lung cancer.

And this was true even if the participant was a smoker, or even if the participant is still currently a smoker.

“Similar and consistent decreases in risk were observed in never, former, and current smokers.

“The magnitude of risk was also constant with increasing length of follow-up, indicating that the associations were not explained by preclinical disease,” added the authors of the study.

A higher level of vitamin B6 and methionine in the bloodstream was associated with a 50% reduced risk of lung cancer. The reduction in the risk of developing lung cancer is even more dramatically reduced if folate was combined with increased levels of vitamin B6 and methionine, in which case there was found to be a two-thirds reduction in lung cancer risk.

The authors stress that although this study does not prove conclusively that higher amounts of vitamin B6, methionine and folate in the bloodstream were directly responsible for the lower risk of lung cancer, the association was evident so more studies need to be performed to see if there is an optimum level needed for prevention of lung cancer.
This diet is pretty high in b6, b9.
What about methionine ?
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Postby Oscar » Thu 17 Jun 2010 10:33

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Re: Lung cancer risk may be lowered by vitamin B6 and methio

Postby RRM » Thu 17 Jun 2010 19:47

Kasper wrote: What about methionine ?
Elevated levels of methionine stimulate the production of glutathione (a powerful antioxidant made by the body), and vitamin B6 is a glutathione cofactor.
In the liver occurs transsulfuration of methionine to cysteine and glutathione (an unusually linked peptide of cysteine, glycine and glutamate),
and methionine is the most scarse amino acid in our diet, relative to the individual amino acid requirements.
Increasing all over amino acid levels in the blood doesnt help, as that increases the turnover of amino acids into glucose and fat.
Increasing protein quality (higher levels of methionine relative to total protein), however, is effective.

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