Mudd Masks

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Mudd Masks

Post by adonis »

I have a question regarding face masks. I use a mudd mask that reallly tightens my skin. With the whole concept of pinching canals which causes acne, do masks pinch these canals and cause acne as well? Or is the pinching the canals a micro process, smaller than anything a mask could do? I use it to dry the pimples out.

Anyone know about mudd masks and whether they can be used?

Thanks in advance

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Post by RRM »

The mudd distracts water from your skin. This drying makes your skin feel very tight, but no, this does not pinch off your sebum canals, since pinched off sebum canals are caused by too much water in the true skin (the second layer).
You can indeed use a mudd mask to dry out pimples.
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