Acne sufferers - don't play with your pimples!

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Acne sufferers - don't play with your pimples!

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I am writing this as someone who has come across many acne sufferers and one thing I have noticed is how often some people squeeze their pimples.

This is a terrible thing to do and is the cause of people with badly pitted faces.

The worst thing you can do is squeeze or pick at pimples. These pimples then become infected and form a scar. Scarring is bad healing of tissue. It is mostly irreversible. Then an acne sufferer is left with permanent scarring of their face, pockmarks and pits. If they had left their skin alone, their face would have healed eventually once they had adopted the right diet or their hormones balanced themselves after puberty, even acne cysts would have healed, I believe.

I find it silly when people complain about their bad skin and the acne and squeeze their pimples. I sympathize with their original complaint but can find no sympathy when they actively make the problem worse themselves.

I never squeezed my pimples. It seemed counterintuitive to do so even when I had many pimples as a teenager that I could rightly be termed "pizza face". For one thing it would have hurt like hell. After puberty, my skin completely cleared up and I don't suffer from any scarring, oh except on the side of the face, when I rubbed off the heads of little pimples (they were more like sandy bumps). I don't even squeeze out my blackheads anymore as they always return and you really can't notice them unless you come up really close to my face. And everybody has blackheads. People who go for regular facials and have their blackheads squeezed out always look like their skin around their nose is unnaturally red or weird-looking. Like the skin is plastic or something. The scarring/damage from squeezing out blackheads or steaming the pores open or whatever they do, has probably made the skin lose its normal elasticity and softness.
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