My progress

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My progress

Postby smyrna » Mon 22 Aug 2005 20:18


just wanted to share my progress with Wai's diet. I started on August 10, at 153.5 lbs. I didn't start with the sample diet, because I don't have enough acne that it bothers me. I'm on the diet for weight loss and cellulite.

So, nine days later, my weight was 151. That wasn't enough for me. I'd followed the Sample diet in spring and lost a lot of weight (unfortunately gained it all back again --aargh!) very quickly. So I started the Sample Diet on Saturday and today I'm down to 148! I know it's all water, but it's still very exciting and motivating.

And today my brazil nuts have arrived in the mail! We bought a nutcracker but after cracking only one, my boyfriend broke not the nut, but the nutcracker (a very crappy one, obviously). So tomorrow I'll go and get anotehr one... I know I was supposed to start the diet with brazil nuts, but I was too eager to begin.

I hope this to be an ongoing thread for sharing even more progress!

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Re: My progress

Postby Wai » Wed 24 Aug 2005 11:22

i wish you good luck smyrna!
and please keep us all updated indeed
hey, you best use a macadamia nuts-cracker
these are the strongest...
here's a thread about it: ... 2;t=000032

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