SAD to Wai to Hawaiian Raw/Instincto

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SAD to Wai to Hawaiian Raw/Instincto

Postby rischott » Wed 21 Nov 2007 06:26

I have always taken a lot from the wai book and the theories/work that is wai. It has been a success for me transitioning from a rocky road of health and comfort to a feeling of bliss and love for nature. I have come to Hawaii to live in a raw food/permaculture/organic community kind of thing, and it has been so revealing and heartwarming in a multitude of ways.
I was doing a wai style diet for almost 2 years. I loved it because the way i felt. The way it threw me into the mind of gaia, of the cycles of seasons and cycles of life. But here in hawaii, i have begun a sort of instincto approach but not out of desire, but out of what feels right in this space of the earth. Food is ABUNDANT. That is one of the first things i can tell you about here. There is mango, mamey sapote, durian, jackfruit, coconuts, abiu!, and on the opposite side of the island, you can find coffee and dates! Do you know how amazing a coconut tastes right off of the tree! The meat is sometimes so soft, and others are complete jelly. Mamey sapote gives me chicken skin and occasionally hardens my nipples. and the seed of a mamey sapote, the seed! The female organ of life alive inside of a fruit. Discovering the designs of the earth in so many ways.
The food is so abundant, so fresh, so raw, so alive, tainting the air with their scents of ultimate pleasure. I find myself choosing a fruit and eating a lot of it at that moment. After harvesting food for 3 solid hours in the sun, i sat under an Abiu tree for 30 minutes devouring over a dozen abius. The entire time i had 4 huge jackfruits next to me, but i had not one pinch of desire to eat the jackfruit. After relaxing for a bit, i was able to walk several miles into sunset before i was able to hitch a ride home. Another time, it was around 11 a.m. and i had a shacky/dizzy feeling engulfing my body. It was the 2nd time that happened to me in hawaii, but not something that has ever been a problme for me. Well, i looked at over 10 fruits/nuts but none of them looked good to me, not even mango! well i opened the fridge and their was a jar full of freshly cut 50/50 trim of beef. It jumped at me, even the smell, although being slighty cold from the fridge. I had at least 4 pounds of beef in 1 sitting. My dizziness stopped and i had about an hour of this really high feeling. My mind was clear and weightless.
I can sit at a table or hang out in the grass and eat 5 or 6 pounds (3 kilos) of rambutans at once. And it does nothing to my blood sugar level that used to happen to me after having to much mandarin juice or eating to many bananas at once sitting. Something about local food, regional food, alive where you live, where your being is, something about that food is empowering and enlightening.
I hope all of you doing the wai and/or trying to find answer to your health issues can find a place that provides you with not only raw food, but local, alive, ripe food. There is some kind of connection that i didn't have buying from supermarkets, or even buying from markets that the food has been shipped or boxed or froze.
I have a wonder about whether or not the wai diet can work in places that couldn't/can't produce the fruit that was needed to sustain the diet. Self sufficiency has to have some sort of place, no?
Anyway, just throwing some of my thoughts and thanks out there. Going to go open a fresh durian.
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Postby Oscar » Wed 21 Nov 2007 11:24

Sounds good! Thanks for sharing, Rich. :)

I think this is actually what Gavi (Gavriel) is going for at the moment, an instincto way of eating.
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Postby johndela1 » Wed 21 Nov 2007 21:57

Are these fruits you eat wild or do you pay to pick them?
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Postby Christina » Fri 23 Nov 2007 00:36

I bet you are having a good time at green lake and the warm ponds. :)
Do the other instinctos around you have good teeth. I mean the ones who've done it for a while?

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