Flat stomach, clear skin and good digestion

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Flat stomach, clear skin and good digestion

Postby spring » Sat 19 Apr 2008 13:43

After 3 weeks on Wai's I can report some good results. And this is with a little bit of cheating too: eating too much munch food at times. I have found making juice and taking sips of it makes all the difference as for some reason the bulkiness that I feel after eating whole fruit (I didn't drink as much juice when I was on Wai's in the past) and the inconvenience of doing so (I have to carry fruit with me all the time which is messy to eat) made it harder for me to stick with the diet.

I don't suffer from acne but nevertheless I have noticed my skin has improved and is clear and just glowing. I got a lot of looks from strangers all of a sudden and I think it must be because of my blooming complexion because nothing else has changed about my appearance: I haven't cut my hair or worn makeup or anything like that. I didn't know radiant skin could make this sort of difference to a person's appearance. Because I don't suffer from acne, I took the health of my skin for granted and never paid much attention to it except protecting it from the sun (I carry an umbrella in summer). Just water and occasional soap for me. Rarely bought creams, lotions, moisturizers or skin food, not that they work anyway. Even the blackheads on my nose seem to be less noticeable, they are smaller in size and are fading away which is wonderful as this was the part of my face that I wasn't happy about.

I can also report that my clothes are looser on me. The jeans I wear are a size too big now, I can hook a finger under the belt and pull it out and there is a lot of room under the belt - time to get smaller jeans.

My stomach is actually flat for the first time in eons and I can see a six-pack starting to show which is really startling as on the scales I haven't gone down by that much.

My digestion is so much better and food travels through it much faster. I think my body doesn't take to fiber that well and a normal non-Wai meal can sit in my gut for 3-5 days, causing bloating and causing me to drink enormous amounts of water that is absorbed by the contents .. no wonder I had such a big gut. I was carrying about 1-2 kilos of undigested food mixed with water in my gut for days while it slowly traveled down the intestines.

The excess water also caused bloating in my stomach area, and around my periods, I would look like a pregnant lady; some people would even give me their seat on the train thinking I was pregnant and some naughty children would point at my stomach - yes it was this bad, the rest of me wasn't that fat, just my stomach. For some reason, the abdominal area would be the part to swell the most. I could easily be carrying an extra liter or two of water in my abdomen just before my periods.

Ugh, I can just imagine the stasis going on in my gut; the fibrous mass I was carrying around with me not being digested properly.

Some nights I could not sleep because of the indigestion; the sensation of heaviness in my gut would be so uncomfortable that I would be aware of it all night.

Needless to say I was suffering chronic constipation, even when eating a high-fruit diet. My father passed away from colon cancer and he was also a chronic constipation sufferer. This has made me more concerned about preventing constipation as I think I have inherited the genetic tendency to constipation, although he was skinny and I am fat.

Because my digestive system is highly sensitive to constipation and bloat-causing substances, I have to avoid bulk and fiber, wheat opioids and milk opioids as much as I can - also cooked food, especially cooked flesh foods.

Since consuming mostly juices all day, I haven't been constipated and I don't feel like I am retaining food in my gut. I feel cleaned out which is a nice feeling compared to the chronic feeling of being blocked up and bloated and heavy. Of course I am urinating more. Drinking juices feels like I am flushing out my system.

If I have sufficient juice all day, I feel energized and 'high' - I can get through taxing work and concentrate well and can forget about food, especially munch food. I can feel the difference between ingesting munch food and fruit juice. After munch food, I feel like a walrus, it's hard for me to move, and I feel sleepy - I need to drink some stimulant like green tea or coffee to get me going again.

I am still overcoming my addiction to cooked food so there are times when I have to exercise caution, make sure I have plenty of fruit on hand that I can juice in a hurry.

I just bought a whole lot of munch food last night which I regret because it was very expensive and not good for me - an anchovy paste mixture and also fish roe that are both extremely salty and need to be taken with lots of water. I could have spent the same money that I did on these foods on more fruit instead. I will throw out the munch food and try and not to think of it as wasteful because it's really like throwing out something harmful and garbage-like. I remember when I was last on Wai's diet I was throwing out a lot of munch food; it seemed wasteful at the time but it did help me stay more faithful to the diet.

I am drinking a lot of OJ and I can state that I am not sick of it yet.

I really like the results and feel good after consuming juices and egg yolks so all of these things keep me motivated. I am also surprised that the positive differences are coming about so dramatically fast.
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Postby claireelis » Sat 19 Apr 2008 14:32

wow spring! that is great news :) a flat stomach, losing weight, not feeling stopped up - very positive differences indeed!!! keep us updated on your progress :) are you walking or doing sports as well - or just focusing on the juice and yolks?
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Postby spring » Mon 21 Apr 2008 10:42

I really want to get back into regular walking. I'm thinking of joining a gym near my home and using the treadmill there.
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Postby Oscar » Thu 01 May 2008 12:05

Great to hear! :D
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Postby jay » Wed 18 Jun 2008 06:30

Wow that's awesome! I noticed the same thing when I used to cheat and have a non-wai meal. I absolutely could not drink enough water afterwords. It was so odd, but I guess that's what it was if you experienced the same thing. I'm not even tempted to cheat any longer since I always remember how awful and bloated I would feel after. Ugh.
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Postby MariaLinn » Tue 24 Jun 2008 21:52

Wonderful reading! :) The difference is like night and day, eating cooked food really poisons the whole body in every way (oh im a poet)

Love that all-day-long-focus one gets! Cant help to think how damn effective every working place would be if the people there didnt have to take those coffee breaks every single hour just to fight cooked food drowsyness.

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