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What is the reason you talk about munch food on this forum??? (JUST TEASING YOU... :-) )

Munch food is very important for your health.
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When living in society you cannot possibly be happy without eating some munch food. So even if I could restrain from eatig it, I would make myself have some munch food every now and then to be more normal.
We don't want to be as healthy as possible - only get rid of major disease like acne, cancer or obesity. If we don't eat any munch food we'll be too different from other people - it is too extreme.
Avoiding munch food for life would be the best. However, I believe that nobody is strong enough to do what is the BEST for his body for a lifetime - so we have to talk about semi-destructive paths to know what else can we eat except the sample diet
We talk about munch food because it is harmful - we talk about it in order to avoid eating it
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We talk about munch food because Wai talks about it and she seems to be eating it herself.
What is munch food? why munch food?! arn't we supposed to eat RAW food to stay healthy and happy? this is very confusing... I don't eat any munch food only the sample diet.
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Postby tjfillion » Tue 21 Mar 2006 02:26

But seriously, it's posts like these that make the diet seem worth it. I've been having a lot of trouble lately. 5 weeks and my acne's much worse (I did mess up on the diet the first 2 weeks, so they don't really count), and now that it's finally clearing up every single OO I try is making me gag. I had so many promising ones, and then 4 or 5 days later my body reacted to the shots like poison.

Honestly it's a good thing knowing my body can recognize bad OO, but for the moment it's just difficult to eat. I couldn't drink any of my juice today (OO is already in it) because I had such an upset stomach and now for the first time the juice is making me extremely nauseaus. It will not go down ... so I had to go off the diet for a bit ... I just can't get enough fat. I'm damned acne-wise if my blood sugar fluctuates, so I might as well 'feel ok' energy wise for the moment. I've already eliminated nuts, tomatoes and cucumbers (because of their seeds) and balsamic dressing (which made the salads enjoyable) so straight OO or OO in the juice is my only main fat source (there's still eggs/fish and avocado, but it doesn't balance the juice).

BUT! All I can do is be patient. I've ordered some oils online, hopefully one will work out for me. I'm going for a bit of a drive tomorrow to some whole food / organic stores. I don't really care about breaking out until I get my oils, I really think the diet works once I can do it right. And then, when I had been sipping plenty of juice, there are those random moments where I am happier than I have felt in a lot time. Just happy without a cause. It's great. And I used to only sing when I would draw. But on the diet I have been singing to myself so much ... I've just been so happy! (When my stomach isn't throwing tantrums)

Really, I can only hope its the OO, because I don't know what I'm going to do without juice. But without this post I wouldn't have the patience or motivation to wait it out.

Thanks agian,
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Postby Bambi726 » Tue 21 Mar 2006 03:13

Hi, Tim :) Did you see my posts about the Extra Virgin Avocado Oil? It's pretty good - it has a nice flavor (sort of a light green tea-olivey flavor to me), which mixes quite well with the orange juice. I've been using it because I couldn't find a suitable OO either - they always burned my throat or were unpalatable, even the organic ones and more expensive ones, which I was surprised by. Perhaps they have an EV Avo Oil (RRM gave it the ok, by the way - as long as it's truly raw) at one of the health food stores near you. I got mine at http://www.rawguru.com/store/product.ph ... 308&page=1 - it's somewhat expensive($12.79US for 250ml - you can get a discount if you buy 6, though), but it's been worth it to me so far since I've not been able to find an enjoyable OO. I hope you find something that works for you! :D

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Postby tjfillion » Tue 21 Mar 2006 21:53

Thanks, yeah I'm waiting for the avo oil in the mail.
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Postby sula58 » Fri 24 Mar 2006 13:14

I have been super busy/active lately, and have sort of "forgotten" about munch foods. So I have, in spite of my thinking that I couldn't do this, I have gone 100% for the last couple weeks. It's fantastic! I am no longer thinking all day, "Oh, I can't wait until 5 pm when I can eat my munch meal" etc. I don't even want munch foods anymore! Not only do I not want to be bothered with it, but I don't want it at all! An avocado feels like more decadent/satisfying a treat than, say, a dried-up cookie.

And I have reached the point where, socially, I don't allow myself to feel pressured anymore. This has, thank god, been made easier by the vegetarians and vegans out there...and I have found that my abstaining is not as unacceptable/socially hindering as I had thought it would be.

So I just wanted to say: I can now understand why some of you are so anti-munch foods. (...however, this certainly isn't set in stone. :wink:)
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Postby Oscar » Fri 24 Mar 2006 14:32

Wow, congrats!! I was explaining this to a friend yesterday, the feeling of not needing/wanting any munchfoods. :D
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Postby avalon » Sat 10 Jun 2006 20:58

Just a blurb from me :) becuase Somehow I'd missed this section, perhaps when I first joined I skimmed over it and then forgot about this thread...

The term/words 'Munch-Foods' covers such ground that its meaning is too wide-spread to condemn without question. Perhaps separating Munch-Foods into categories- Best to Worst might be an idea.

For some time I was heating spinach and garlic as my main munchy. That has now changed to a handful of spinach, a leaf or two of kale with a smidgen of garlic in a blender with some olive oil/distilled water. This in my opinion is a healthy 'RAW' drink and still considered a Munch-Food. It's not ice-cream cookies, pie or candy. It's leafy greens- which are said to be good for teeth among other things- and garlic for bad breath.

I think some of the passion I have had in defending Munch-Foods (elsewhere), is not so much in saying processed foods and cake are okay, but rather some veggies in their own right may have value, and many other natural things... Or for example, Green Tea- Munch-Food.

so...not quite a blurb... :D

But then if we go back to the website... heh heh :twisted:
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Postby RRM » Tue 13 Jun 2006 09:18

avalon wrote:rather some veggies in their own right may have value
Sure, as 'medicins', as they contain specific ingredients that might be beneficial regarding specific illnesses. But then it takes an expert to align specific greens with specific illnesses.
I wouldnt recommend greens for healthy people as I dont recommend taking medication / drugs when you are healthy.
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Postby avalon » Tue 13 Jun 2006 13:38

RRM wrote:I wouldnt recommend greens for healthy people as I don't recommend taking medication / drugs when you are healthy.
This is not to say you are wrong but I could safely say you are in the bottom bottom minority reagrding that statement. Before finding the Wai Book, I never thought about humans not being veggie eaters- as being fruit eaters instead.
And I do believe this to a large degree. But there seems to me more evidence to the benefits of vegetables...leafy greens and more. Is Wai the only Diet that says fiber isn't needed? I wonder about this sometimes. And if it's about fiber, then surely some juicing of certain veggies for nutrients might not be a bad thing.
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Postby Oscar » Tue 13 Jun 2006 14:11

Well, the discussion carnivore/herbivore/omnivore has been going on for a while, but I think most people now agree we are omnivores. Comparing our teeth to that of carnivores and herbivores, we can see they are genuinely different. Carnivores have 'scissor' teeth, herbivores 'millstone' teeth.

Carnivore (dog):

Herbivore (elephant):

About fiber in food, the two effects which are for sure attributed to fiber are: 1) it provides bulk, so it helps getting a 'full' feeling, and 2) it helps digestion. Regarding the latter, we know that it only 'helps' digestion by making small wounds in the intestines, which prompts the body to get rid of it ASAP. So do we really need fiber for digestion? Most people seem to agree that to really help digestion, one could eat prunes, or olive oil, containing only a little, or no fiber, respectively.

I think plants do contain things we could use, but we can get the same (even more) from fruits, and without all the downsides.
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Postby avo » Wed 14 Jun 2006 02:29

Also, fruits are much more enjoyable in their natural, ripe state. No masking of bitterness or harshness with garlic/herbs/sweeteners needed.
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Postby avalon » Wed 14 Jun 2006 03:18

This one's for you, Oscar :wink:


Sleep well all,

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Postby Oscar » Wed 14 Jun 2006 15:02

LOL :lol:
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Postby Marty » Mon 04 Dec 2006 02:25

This diet has made an utter difference to me. I have described this on other threads.

I cannot really do with the munch foods at all.

It is amazing what the body can show us. It has its limits, and it will die someday, of course. But while it is functioning, it is amazing how finely and perfectly it works. There is really nothing in my life, from sports to my own explorations with health and diet, that could have led me to imagine this. The astonishing thing is that even coming to many of the same conclusions that this diet's authors did did not push me toward realizing this. Their important work provides that final difference between 'excellent' and 'extraordinary' so that there is no comparison between what I was finding out on my own, and what the 100% strict diet does. I think this is the incredible thing to admit for anyone who has come close to replicating the diet on their own, yet has not gone the final steps, which RRM and Wai's own empirical researches did.

You have my utter thanks.

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