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Re: Réussir/succeed

Postby rogii » Thu 19 Mar 2015 11:26

Curious how you consume "juiced" banana. It comes out thick both ends, I guess the fibre looks a bit more fibrous than the "juice" but not much... Do you eat the fibre of which the versapers gives or just the banana that comes out of the juice hole? OR discard the fibre? Seems a waste considering the juice banana pulp aint much different to the fibre pulp!
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Re: Réussir/succeed

Postby chris75001 » Thu 19 Mar 2015 14:11

I drink anything out of the juice aside and not fiber of my versapers for banana juice. There is clearly a difference. The juice output gives a creamy juice banana, fiber not give out something I'd drink. However, do not hesitate to board several times in the chimney that comes out of versapers fiber side to extract maximum juice. After 2-3 passages I throw

For me the Tyler Durden physique is the body I want, because it's my choice. It is a matter of éducaction, lifestyle, preferably. Some people want to be very muscular eg Chris Evans in Captain America or Vin Diesel, it's not my thing, I would not dare leave the house if I had the body of Vin Diesel and The Rock. It is also a cultural difference, and the girls that I like do not like too muscled guys. I want to perfectly defined, lean, ripped body and exactly what I want, discreet, it has to be guessed. Being too muscular for me is to be a slob (a redneck)

I spoke quickly with jared leto when he was in Paris, he also has a body very well, it is quite sufficient. I prefer the body MRR but of jared leto also resembles the body I want, especially not more

Too easy to be thick and strong as a beer drinker. But to be perfectly rip, drawn, dry, square face, perfect skin, visible abs, no water retention, no fat it takes her strong determination and a strict diet and I like it

It's a matter of culture and lifestyle, some people will find that not many other perfect
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Re: Réussir/succeed

Postby ApresMidi » Wed 21 Oct 2015 13:59

How's the workout going? Definitely worth looking at curbing backpain from too much workout, this blog post covers some good facts. Even though it's not exactly a workout, I had to get my 9-year-old son this specially designed ergonomic backpack from this company, as I'm worried that all the school books he carries was making him hunch over :/

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