Aytundra's Diary (not Wai diet)

If you are not sure whether you are doing the diet right, create your own diet diary here, so others can take a look at it.
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Aytundra's Diary (not Wai diet)

Postby Aytundra » Thu 10 Apr 2014 23:27

The Diary for everything Aytundra eats!

Rules for Commentators:
1) You may all nitpick on these foods that I eat, and recommend the items that are deficient/sufficient etc.
2) Calculators are allowed here.
3) Please have "fun" with it, I think this will be like a puzzle book, i.e. Find/Circle what is UnWai.
4) When I post things outside of this diary i.e. in the forum on specific topics, my intentions are for theoretical reasons and debate for the general Wai population, but if you have anything you want "me" to try to eat, and debating on Aytundra's/my own personal choices then those should be redirected to be posted here.

Aytundra's diet is unWai, at least most of the time unless she goes on a Wai eating binge. So please do not copy Aytundra's diet.
Aytundra is not here for acne. Aytundra aspires to have the cleanest diet for her cells, that is economically friendly, and time friendly.
Aytundra is a Wai spectator or a Wai forum lurker, she does not eat by Wai rules, at least not yet, and might join the Wai Warriors but not yet. She does not know how to deal socially with people that are non-Wai dieters, so she conforms to the social environment of the Standard American Diet (SAD dieters) around her and sometimes sneaks in Wai foods to her own diet. She however looks on amusedly at people around her that does Wai like behaviours, especially at restaurants or when she meets new friends, while she conforms to the SAD dieters that are the majority of the table. Sometimes others will look at Aytundra weirdly when she engages in Wai like behaviours, in which she will know she has gone a bit to far and returns to the SAD. She also eats SAD out of convenience, solo on her own and not in a social setting, and might continue to do so at least until she can solve how to eat the Wai diet.
A tundra where will we be without trees? Thannnks!
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Re: Aytundra's Diary

Postby Aytundra » Thu 10 Apr 2014 23:32

April 10, 2014
-Chocolate almonds
-Steamed Rice Dumplings with ginger, peanut, carrot, pork
-Water reverse osmosis distilled
-Slice of apple
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Re: Aytundra's Diary

Postby Aytundra » Fri 11 Apr 2014 02:19

April 10, 2014 -Dinner
-Steamed Rice White.
-Pan Seared Vegetable Oil cooked an Egg Omelette with Shrimp and Scallion.
-Sloppy Joe's flavoring on Cooked Ground Beef with Purple Onions, Roma Tomatoes, and Ketchup.
-Leafy Veggies cooked in water in iron cast frying pan but not fried, with Garlic, the garlic flavors the water but not eaten.
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Re: Aytundra's Diary

Postby Aytundra » Sat 12 Apr 2014 02:49

April 11, 2014
- Oatmeal with Orange Yam, peeled off skin of yam, boiled in water.
- Apple raw, peeled and sliced.
- Almonds
- glass of water (Note: all water for food use has been through reverse-osmosis).

---9 hours later (Seriously if I do not eat, I might as well be doing a Warrior diet except in an un-Wai version.)
- Potato Samosa, a samosa consists of a fried skin of wheat pastry triangularly wrapping boiled potatoes and some spicy seeds (don't know what that spice is), reheated in microwave. ***This food item was brought to you by, the courtesy of a new microwave friend,...um they are really trying to sabotage me.

---1 hour later
-Steamed Rice White.
-Green Chives boiled.
-Fish in soy sauce, ginger and scallions, fresh fish was alive, but steamed for 10-12 minutes.
-Chicken wings, dunked in boiling water but simmered at 2 setting out of a 9 point scale* setting for 22-25 min. Lid covered. Seasoned with sugar and salt less than a teaspoon.
__Frame of Reference: A setting of 9 would bring water to a boil within 5 minutes, water of 3 inches in a kettle.
- Fruitopia purple coloured juice.
- Chocolate almonds.

[Side Note to Acne Wai Dieters: As I am not here for acne, that does not mean I am not unsusceptible to pimple like things. Anything fast food-ish item will equal a pimple that at the least lasts within 3 days, but the pimple will be gone if I do not touch any fast food/fried food item for like 7-9days. If there are any foods you want me to test out for a pimple effect, suggest them and I will be your guinea pig. I am not ultrasensitive though, so just because I get a pimple does not mean that the food item will be safe for you. But I am a picky eater, so some food items I might not touch, dates are an example, and I am not allergic to any food items except for mangoes (but I eat them anyways because mangoes are delicious, conditional in that mangoes are ripe and conditional in that I am willing the risk of itchy lips for 7-12 days.(ripe, reduces allergic reaction potential, as well as eating mango not close to the seed and skin.)].
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Re: Aytundra's Diary

Postby Aytundra » Sun 13 Apr 2014 01:57

April 12, 2014
-Apple raw, sliced, peeled
-Naan Flat bread, toaster oven warmed
-Singapore Lakhsa flavoured orange curry with coconut, very mild not spicy, this sauce came from a left over noodle package, improvised with the naan flat bread. Was watery did not dip much of it.
-Heated canned Vienna Sausage, was salty
-1 cold left over chicken wing from yesterday
-1 Swedish berry, a candy gummy, courtesy of my sibling
-Chocolate chip cookies
-Organic lemonade
-Rice Steamed White
-Sunshine Egg, liquid yolk warm, seared in an iron cast pan with avocado oil.
-Organic Pork ribs steamed with, 2 cloves of garlic, a tablespoon of black fermented soy bean, sugar and salt. Ribs eaten, beans ignored.
-Watercress boiled in water with 2 slices of ginger like 2 coin sized, and 1 date. Watercress eaten, ginger and date was for water flavouring.
(Surprise, I did not know that the date was in the recipe of the watercress. Well I guess I got a coating of B6 on the watercress. When you look at the water you see light brown water like someone used brown sugar. I always thought it was brown sugar. Today I was taught how to make it. Boil water, rinse super dried date, the date is as hard as a rock, drop date and ginger into the water boil for 5-7 minutes, squish it with a fork, it is still semi-hard, looks like inch like decayed banana strings floating in the water, bring it back to a boil, add rinsed watercress and cook for another 5-7 minutes.)
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Re: Aytundra's Diary

Postby Aytundra » Mon 14 Apr 2014 04:33

April 13, 2014
1 pimple developed near nose, prior to todays food items. Probably because of the fried item the other day.
Predicting this pimple's disappearance in 3 days.
However, after reflection with today's food items, I think there will be a cumulative effect on this pimple, so I think this pimple will disappear by next week in 7 days. Not counting new ones that I am predicted to get.

-3 Chocolate Chip Cookies

- 60ml Orange Juice Tropicana labeled with Vitamin D and Calcium/Vitamin C (Caught a glimpse of something C on the bottle Calcium or Vitamin C?)
courtesy of a friend, how can I refuse? Aytundra is sociable. But the after taste of this orange juice was terrible. Real orange juice is better.
-1 morsal of Pineapple Sugar crusted pie with chicken (Pineapple Sugar crusts looks like a pastry of a Wellington, I doubt there are any pineapples in there.)
-1 morsal of Shrimp Rice Dumpling
-2 glups of Chicken Congee
-1 morsal of White Steamed sugary bun with chicken filling
-1 morsal of Bread Pineapple Sugar Crusted Pastry with BBQ Meat
-1/2 Rice pastry wrapped steamed pork filling
-2 tiny cups of tea, colour was dark brown
-1 Fried Fritter Dough 1inch diameter, 25 centimeter long
-1/2 Fried Sweet Dough with a sprinkle of sesame, like the size of half a cinnamon bun.
-4 gulps of sugary watery almond paste liquid with 1 piece rice ball black sesame (was that sugar in it? It tasted strange like fake sugar, stavia maybe?)
Yup, I was at a restaurant, friends you can't just ignore them right?

-130ml Sugary Diced Mango Smoothie like drink, no diary, just store prepared mango and sugar, I hope it was ripe. Leftovers courtesy of a sibling.
(The taste was very nice, but I might pay for this dearly, keeping my fingers crossed, no itch please.)
-5 chicken wings boiled same method as before, no flavourings.
-1 morsal of peeled, boiled fuzzy melon squash.
-1 bowl white rice steamed
-1 pork rib piece, leftovers.
-3 chocolate almonds
-1 cup water
-1 bowl approximately 2 cups of ginger, watercress, date water, leftover liquid from yesterday.
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Re: Aytundra's Diary

Postby dime » Mon 14 Apr 2014 09:20

So you don't try at all to do a wai diet? At least 50%..? Why?
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Re: Aytundra's Diary

Postby Aytundra » Tue 15 Apr 2014 02:39

April 14, 2014
Current Pimple Count: 1
Note: I started this diet without any pimples. Skin was in good condition, no rash, no pimples, no acne.
- The pimple turned into a dry scab of skin, okay estimation time updated to: 5 days before it disappears into nothingness.
- No new pimples from yesterday's abnormal diet.
- No mango allergy rash. Mostly when I get the allergic reaction, the reactions are immediate, within an hour. A few minutes post mango, I felt the face skin texture around lips yesterday to be grainy from the feeling inside, but not by touching hand to face, but no itch around the mouth, and no rash for 24 hours. I think I escaped that one. Building tolerance to mango? The first time I ever had a mango allergy was when I was 7 years old, that was also my first time I had ever tried mangoes, my face around the mouth itched, and turned all pink, itchy and burning, it developed within an hour.

-1 Hard Boiled Egg

--9 hours later
-refused a samosa from a friend. (there, a little courage)
-1 cup corn flake like cereal, with dried cranberries, not corn though, it was brown colour, and light, maybe a mix of wheat, rice, and oat. (bag is finished, so unlikely to ever consume this type of food again)

--1 hour later
-1 bowl of steamed white rice
-5 morsel clumps of green chives, cooked in boiled water.
-6 Chicken wings, cold leftovers from yesterday, cooked with skin, but consumed without skin (By the way, how I consume all chicken wings, is by eating the meat but not the skin, skin tastes slimy so I don't like it and will not eat it, I've ate my wings this way since I was a kid, I do not think this habit will change.)
-5 slices of orange, raw, with fiber, no peel
-1 piece of Chocolate Almond
-1 cup water
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Re: Aytundra's Diary

Postby Nina75 » Tue 15 Apr 2014 10:41

Hello Aytundra, google translation so try to understand

Why not give it a try 100% wai or WW ? You say you aspire to the best diet for the cells, the body ......

Today we know that autophagy plays an important role in cell renewal, the good news is: 1) It's completely free 2) It may be the best thing to do for your cells and your health usually 3) it frees you to do many things other ....

I do not understand the interest that you have to put your diet on this forum knowing that it is not at all Wai, it is not or half or 90%, in fact you just put what you eat with normal diet .... Why ?

Why not do the best thing for you: Autophagy and maximum juice without fiber, and fresh fish, sashimi, egg yolk ..... Or else why not wait 20h evening to eat your food, at least autophagy is activated to the fasting day and in the evening you'll be very happy to eat your food.....

The social context? Friends? You know we are in 2014. Perfectly You can refuse when you are offered a steak or burrito, I do not understand ....There is a difference between not wanting to do things and put the blame on others ..... You can perfectly follow this diet 100% every day with a little planning and have a social life. If you are offered a cigarette and you do not smoke, you will force you to smoke? I can not quite understand. Because it is just that. If people like to eat shit, this requires you to eat shit with them? To feel good? Aytundra not, the problem is not people, it's your motivation ....

Hum, on the mango I have a small doubt .... The only way to know if the mango is the culprit is to test (note you may have to be allergic to mango but your diet contains so guilty it is very hard to bring such acusation to this fruit)

Test: Wai Wai normal or Warrior for 2-4 weeks without cheating, ideally with a lot of juice during those 2-4 weeks of course you do not cheat, no cheating, no mango either, no .... Then 2-4 weeks after the diet without cheating of Wai, you buy a mango: mango course must be very very wall, sweet, sweet, finally a perfect mango. And especially very good ripe, moreover all fruit should be eaten ripe you know.....

Enjoy !!
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Re: Aytundra's Diary

Postby RRM » Tue 15 Apr 2014 12:46

Yes, Aytundra, why are you here if you don't try the Wai diet?
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Re: Aytundra's Diary

Postby Aytundra » Tue 15 Apr 2014 14:56

dime wrote:So you don't try at all to do a wai diet?
I try just not to your expected standards.
Note to self: make this puzzle book harder for dime, he thinks this is too easy to find/spot the UnWai food items.
Note to others: this might get harder with this I spy game, because of dime. Should I include an upside down answer page?

Upside Down Answer:
Effort of avoidance, is invisible, but that is the key effort.
Invisible it is, all you see is the bunch of UnWai foods I ate divided over the total foods I ate.
What you do not see is the UnWai foods I avoided, that were never noted.
After all it is a diet diary a bland record of what I ate. Should I note them? It may take pages.
I noted one today for you in brackets. (refused a samosa) Does that help?
dime wrote:At least 50%..?
Ah, 50%. % of what? Chickens, dimes, potatoes, meters, liters, centimeters? Teasing you.
I just like thinking back to whenever I never included the base amount in my math problems, my math teacher always asked was it in chickens? You have just met Mathematical Aytundra.

Upside Down Answer:
I think you mean 50% of my diet right?:
i.e. Aytundra eats food on:
-A steamed rice
-B boiled chicken
-C leafy veggies boiled
-D 1 apple
there 25% wai

I think dime is hoping Aytundra will eat:
-a steamed rice
-b boiled chicken
-c oranges raw
-d bananas raw
there 50% wai
dime wrote:Why?
So that I can make this puzzle as difficult as possible for dime.
Is dime more confused now with my diet?

Upside Down Answers (Is there a font for that?)
Real “Why” Question Answered:

Why? No reason why, just being honest, just saying what I eat.
Social Aytundra gets the better of me, of what I eat. She is passive and will eat what is served.
Nutritional Aytundra almost agrees with most of what Wai diet says, but is still confused.
Economical Aytundra thinks fruits are expensive, but believes fruits are cheap. It is an oxymoron.
Anthropological Aytundra thinks this is a niche diet, Wai diet might collapse, but nutritional Aytundra hopes it stays.

I don’t manipulate my diet aggressively. It is passive currently. Super passive. Give me anything edible, and I will eat it, anything except that it is not super-artificial, and not charred.
Quite different from what I was trying to do before.

Before I first read Wai that was over 2 years ago:
- I already knew about charred foods = DNA binding proteins, a teaching assistant of a molecular biology class, told the class about how those charred stripes on BBQ foods are non-reversable in DNA binding, so I avoided burnt foods religiously from then on.

When I started Wai:
- I was much interested in the dairy hypothesis to osteoporosis, that was such a new and controversial topic to me I was like this website is so cool. The diet also sounded so strange it sounded like a vampires diet in another realm, like I stumbled across a new type of vampires. Literary/Novel Reading Aytundra was obsessed.

- I went cold turkey on dairy, cheese, milk, avoided them like a plague, fear of osteoporosis

- Initially, after abandoning dairy, I tried going raw with egg yolks. The egg yolk curiosity lasted me a few days. I kept on getting burnt sunshine eggs, so I gave up. Why did I go for sunshine eggs? Social factor, I am not going to gross out others with some new yolk consuming skill. My baking skills are superb, but my skillet skills are skill-less. Next, I tried removing the egg whites like making a cake, and taking the yolks and dropping it into lukewarm water to cook the albumin lightly to easily remove the sac, and eat the yolk. Then I abandoned the luke-warm water bath method in less than 3 tries, I think I felt kind of feverish from eating yolks like that. Probably started myself with too much yolk too quickly.

- Let’s skip the bad oils, after all it sounds like olive oil is the only good thing. But olive oil tastes disgusting to me. So I said less skip oil. Go steaming, let’s not cook veggies in veggie oil and frying them.

- Taking it one more step further, I did not touch wheat, or grains, bye, bye to cookies, bread and cereal, except rice. I was pretty good at following the no dairy and no grain rule. But that brought me closer to starches.

- I also went neural and decided to let my nutritional calculating side of me stock up on nutrient dense foods at that time, stocking up on broccoli, carrot, potatoes, and finally calculated that I needed some protein, and brought in quinoa. Quinoa lasted 1 week, it was too much work to cook it, never touched that again. But at the same time I skipped out on, chicken, beef and pork because everyone at the table likes their grilled charred, acrylamided maillard reacted BBQ ribs, and pork and fried chicken, in as much artificial sauce as possible, so nutritional Aytundra said no and ate steamed fish. Not a good idea to skip out on meat, I probably lacked thiamin and niacin and iron at that point, and I felt like an awful vegetarian at that point. That is why Nutritional Aytundra is currently in exile and Social and Anthropological Aytundra has taken over in feeding Aytundra.

- I ate fish, but not raw, I got my hands on a can of fish, I ate apple. I thought I was going to start the day somewhat Wai (ignoring the canned foods factor), But the morning I decided to eat a can of fish with apple, 3 hours later I got a 2 hour long stomach ache. So no seafood and fruits again. I should have known, I already knew the no vitamin C + fish rule (this rule is not from Wai it was somewhere I heard it either in food article magazines or the radio), I just forgot to apply it that day and screwed up. I finally took my first bite of raw fish like 1.5 years ago at a sushi restaurant. I over came that raw factor fear with fish, but did not like slimy, rubbery taste of fish. As I mentioned, I don’t eat boiled chicken skin because of the slimy factor.

-I felt I neglected meat, so I restocked my diet with steak. That was 0.75 years ago when I would bring a perfect oven baked steak out to dinner in-between every 4-6 nights. Targeting medium to medium well done meat, a hint of pink. This is the closest I have been to a raw meat that is not fish or egg. Cooked and Raw Aytundra can fight this battle out. Who won? It was a fad. Steaks have disappeared from the diet within a 3 month window, as sudden as camembert cheese strolled into and out of Aytundra’s life.

-orange juice, the only qualm I have with it is the acid; garlic pressed orange is the best on reducing acidity in my methods, but super time consuming; the 2 hour garlic pressed pomegranate was also nice, less acidic taste also, but the tannins were yucky, and I will not spend 4 hours on a pomegranate ever again, opening it, juicing it, cleaning up after a pomegranate, delicious, but such a waste of time.

-I relapsed into cheese 6 months ago, when I discovered Camembert cheese, and from that point I became brave and ate fast food again. Whew, cured myself cooked food fears. But I was dairy-less in less than 3 months. The 1kg of Camembert was only ¾ finished when I had to toss it away because it was spoiling. That is a waste of money if I buy more cheese, as I am tired of cheese now.

- The return of fast-food opened much more food options, let’s opt for fast food with less cooked foods, and there comes the burrito. I am back here now.
I think I will stick with the foods I grew up with, and gradually replace each item with raw fruits, and slow cooked foods. (Right now it is a start of an acclimatization and habituation method over a cold turkey method.)

Nutritional Aytundra, has to solve a balanced diet problem of raw foods with Aytundra’s picky food habits, before she is welcomed back to control Aytundra’s diet. Currently Social and Anthropological Aytundra gets to feed Aytundra, they depend on heuristics, and clichés in human behaviour and diet trends to offset nutritional deficits, and social deficits, and the method is more real world oriented, but they are by no means a calculator, that’s nutritional Aytundra’s responsibility, and so far she has not stepped in here to look at Aytundra’s diary. Should I invite her back?

Side Note:
All Aytundras are from the mind of the same person. I just like to think from different perspectives.
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Re: Aytundra's Diary

Postby Kasper » Tue 15 Apr 2014 21:05


I don't know if you want other people to read this, but if so, it's quite long and hard to read this way.
I guess the most essential sentence (for the others) in your story is hidden by all the chaotic thoughts that you write down:

"I think I will stick with the foods I grew up with, and gradually replace each item with raw fruits, and slow cooked foods. (Right now it is a start of an acclimatization and habituation method over a cold turkey method."

If you are just writing it for yourself, have fun.
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Re: Aytundra's Diary

Postby Aytundra » Thu 17 Apr 2014 02:52

@ Kasper
Others are most welcomed to read the diary.
Run on sentences, without commas, makes words look chaotic. Yes bad writing habit of mines.
I admire your reading and summarizing skills.
A tundra where will we be without trees? Thannnks!
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Re: Aytundra's Diary

Postby Aytundra » Thu 17 Apr 2014 04:07

April 15, 2014
Current Pimple Count:1 light pink not visible much. That same pimple from the other day.

- Tomato Omelette, cooked in a iron skillet with Avocado Oil
- 1 cup water

- 7 pieces Steamed Pork Dumplings

- 1 bowl steamed white rice
- 4 clumps green chives boiled in water
- 5 chicken wings, oven baked, skin coated with BBQ sauce but removed before eating.
- 1 cup water
- 1 light green coloured pear, crunchy texture, the size of a lemon

April 16, 2014
Current Pimple Count:1 still there, dry, barely visible

- Tomato Omelette, cooked in a iron skillet with Avocado Oil
- 1 cup water

--9hours later
- 3 pieces of thin biscotti with slivers of almond, and dried mango (almonds and mangoes are less than a teaspoon in each piece of biscotti, and biscotti
was 8cm x 3cm x 0.5cm)

-- 1 hour later
- 1 bowl steamed white rice
- 3 chicken wings, oven baked, skin coated with soy sauce but removed before eating.
- 3 chicken nuggets with ketchup
- 7-9 pieces of luffa of the cucumber family, peeled and sliced like cucumber wheels and boiled (Grins, I found a cousin of the cucumber, is luffa Wai?)
- 1 banana
- 1 cup water
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Re: Aytundra's Diary

Postby Aytundra » Fri 18 Apr 2014 03:11

April 17, 2014
Current Pimple Count: 0, skin is back to clear, this evening.

- 2 apple slices, raw, peeled
-1 piece almond
-1 banana, raw, peeled
-1 hardboiled egg
-1 pear, green crunchy the size of a lemon, raw, peeled,

-3 pieces of chicken nugget, reheated
-1 rice noodle, noodle package
-6 pieces steamed pork dumpling
-1 cup water
-2 mouthful chayote soup
-2 pieces morsel size of boiled chayote

-3 pieces shrimp tempura like starch fried cabbage, microwave packaged, oven baked, hors d’oeurves.
-1 bowl of white rice steamed
-4 pieces of chicken wings
-10-15 pieces of fuzzy melon, peeled, sliced, boiled.
-1 orange, raw, peeled

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