Aytundra's Diary (not Wai diet)

If you are not sure whether you are doing the diet right, create your own diet diary here, so others can take a look at it.
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Re: Aytundra's Diary (not Wai diet)

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Mon Sept 9, 2019 - Let's Catch Up

Wow I have not been in my diary for so long!
WOW! Just putting it in there, in bold.

So how have I been?

I have a job.
I have a job that pays me close to a salary, though it is still by hour.
But at least I have a peace of mind that I have a budget to work with.
I have been working there for close to 2 years now. July 2017 to July 2019, still at it.
Does the extra money help with food.
Not really. I think I need to earn more. 1 tomato is $0.70.

Quick summary, because I didn't log it each day anymore. I didn't care. I ate anything I wanted, no restrictions, I don't have to because I pretty much can read food with an opinion in my head.
Breakfast - potatoes, carrots, soft boiled eggs 1 or 2.
Lunch - rice, cooked beef, chicken, fish, pork.
Dinner - rice, cooked meats beef, chicken, lamb, fish, pork.
Fruits - pears, oranges, tomatoes, cucumbers
Eggs - raw occasionally, maybe every few weeks
Junkfoods - pizza, pasta, mainly from workplace.
Beverages - water, ginger tea

It is amazing how a stable work life schedule can impact sleep.
I work 7 am - 6 pm, mostly split shifts. So I wake up at 6 am each day, I snooze it for another 15 minutes. I end my day between 10 pm - 11:30 (mostly) or 12 pm. Mondays to Fridays.
That means I get at least 6 hours of sleep.
I sleep in on weekends, but not by much. I wake up at 8 am.
I used to take naps when I got home in the middle of the day, between my split shifts. Maybe a year ago. Now I don't.
I used to take naps after work. 1 year ago. Now I don't.

I walk.
I walk a lot outdoors.
I walk 30 min home each morning.
I walk 30 min home from work each afternoon.
I walk 20 min from work place to work place in the morning. Plus I stand/pace outside 15 min there to wait. Plus 5 min prior.
I walk 15 min from work place to work place in the afternoon. Plus I stand/pace outside 20 min there to wait.
I am outdoors in the morning to check the outdoor space 5 min.
I am outdoors in the afternoon to check the outdoor space 10 - 20 min.
I spend also 1 hour 30 min outdoors in the afternoon, if I get the outdoor space shift.
I spend 1 hour 30 min outdoors in the morning sometimes, if I get the outdoor space shift.

That means:
- I get a minimum 1 hour outdoors each day, rain, sunshine, or snow. Have to, it is a mandatory part of job.
- On average I spend 2 hour 30 min outdoors. sunshine, or snow. I get to skip outdoors' check and outdoor space shift when it rains.
- At max I might spend 3 - 5 hours outdoors. When I get both morning and afternoon outdoor's space shift.

As for my runny nose problem. I don't think I will ever get it again.
I have to thank my grandma for that. I cried when she passed away, 5 months ago exact.
I cried so much, I think I cleared all the sinuses. Blew all the clear liquid out. I think I didn't know how to blow my nose when I was a kid.
I can now close my mouth and still breathe. That is a MIRACLE.
I used to be a mouth breather, can remember doing that before 6 years old, maybe even earlier.
Thank you grandma.

What does that feel like for those that don't know what it feels like to breathe with nose.
It feels like air can pass over the space above the upper palate, and go all the way to the back of the throat.
Air can also go from nose to the nose bridge, spill over and go to the space above the upper palate.
If there is a feeling of slime anywhere, in the passage, blow it out. It feels thick, but when it is out it is clear and more watery in texture than actual thickness felt.
I guess crying is good for you. If you ever get a chance to cry for whatever cause, try getting all the mucus out of the nose.

I think that was the game changer. I got my nose cleared. That means more air for me. That means I feel more air to use.
My coworkers think I am more outgoing, because with a cleared sinus, my voice sounds like it can carry further in a space when I do project my voice.
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Re: Aytundra's Diary (not Wai diet)

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Resuming food diary. {uh hopefully, I am so relaxed about not typing here anymore, kinda broke the habit after I reached the 3 yr mark for writing (at least I think I got 1000 days in {or felt like it :D ! )} ; it did make me a better writer. And rereading it makes me think, wow, like I can think like that? that was too brainy or too creative (atm I hope I am not growing to old and boring now. lol))...}

Sept 18, 2019
Lunch: 1 mini arab cucumber sliced, 4 tomatoes sliced, peeled, seed removed.
(non-Wai ingredients: 1 piece of lettuce (non-Wai because it is a veggie), and 1 slice (~30 - 50 g) of Gruyère cheese (raw cheese from Switzerland, non-Wai because it is a dairy.).
Lunch Peeled Tomato Cucumber Lettuce Raw Cheese Sep 18 2019.JPG
All I have is a photo from my lunch. I don't have much memory of my breakfast or dinner or snacks. But this photo looks pretty, so I am posting it.
Fresh made lunch.
I walked home from work that morning, during my ultra long lunch break, and found an Arab store nearby that sold fresh tomatoes and cucumbers inexpensively at $0.99/lb.

Got my checklist of things done: sunshine in, exercise in (walking 45 min (detouring to a store takes 30 min more)), exploring a new store, buying fresh food, preparing fresh food, and pondering on the elements that make a raw cheese, raw (of course it is not, but at least the milk started out not pasteurized (cheese making process does involve heat treatment to ingredients).

About 4 weeks ago, I was happy to learn about the prospect of raw cheese existing. Thanks to a friend. I thought everything in North American stores were pasteurized; Apparently not. In big boxed supermarkets there are several fridges. The fancier cheese aisle of smaller fridges, will contain cheese that are imported. Not the common commercialized dairy brands which adds much food additives, food coloring, and more junk, along with pasteurization. The price is higher than the average block of commercialized cheese. But hey it came from Switzerland! How great is that? So exotic. Swiss items don't usually make it to the supermarket, unless it is chocolate of course.
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A tundra where will we be without trees? Thannnks!
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Re: Aytundra's Diary (not Wai diet)

Post by Oscar »

Yeah, I ate raw Brie when transitioning from a standard diet to Wai. This lunch seems kinda lacking in energy, though relatively healthy :)
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