Diet causing new depression.

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Diet causing new depression.

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This diet has improved my skin - and at the least my knowledge. But, it seems as my knowledge of common sense (which I consider this diet to be) increases, my depression with the way we live and what the world has become also increases. Thus - resulting in new break-outs.

It's not that I'm different (and that I now eat so differently) that makes me depressed - but, that everything around me contradicts "common sense." I can no longer look at anything with-out questioning its need - which always ends up being unnecessary. It seems that to live naturally (this diet) is to go against "human nature" which is simply to avoid anything natural.

These thoughts have made me very unmotivated and wishing to abandon society entirely. What an amazing life it would be to live on an island untouched by man? But, that is impractical.

How does everyone here cope with the depression of having more common sense than the rest of the world? Or, does it simply not bother you?
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Post by Oscar »

Personally I see it as quite funny, yet understandable. If people are open for it, I'm trying to make them more aware of what's going on, by giving them information.
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Post by Iris »

I find it very releasing to know what causes all my troubles with food. And it doesn't bother me people think my eating habits are strange. I;m way over that, as it has been this way for years now.

I don't make such a big deal out of it. If I would, everything could make me feel depressed! There are so many things in life that are unfair or hypocritical and if I'd let all these things move me, I'd feel constantly depressed, hopeless and I'd constantly question why we live in the first place. But I don't want that. For me, there are a lot of things far worse then this. Ofcourse it is very sad we are all mislead, but we all have a choise here. Everybody can figure out on there own it makes no sense. And with a little effort you'll find a lo of information and you can make your own plan. Knowing that, it makes me feel rather happy and released then depressed....

But I think everybody here shares your thought that it would be wonderfull to move to some sort of Bounty Island far far away from mac donalds and all other junk we are bombarded with.....

How is your "other depression" doing? Have you tried eating more eggs? By the way being underweight (I remember you saying you are/were?) can also cause the depressions. So have you already gained weight in the meanwhile?
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