Depression is lifting

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Depression is lifting

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Hi Everyone,

For over a year, I have had depression, and I have been sleeping only about 4 hours a night. But I started the diet a couple days ago, and already my depression is much less, and last night I slept much better. Just wanted to let you know. This is encouraging, and I hope it continues.

Fortunately, I absolutely love all fresh fruit, nuts, olive oil, coconut oil, and egg yolks. I had to give up wheat and other grains, and dairy, years ago, because of severe reactions, so that was half the battle, but I was still eating way too much cooked proteins, and too many vegetables, and those were probably the main things that kept me from sleeping. Also, my digestive problems seem to be decreasing already, which makes sense, because these foods are so much easier to digest.

The best of health and happiness to all.
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diet and mood

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It is amazing how well this diet works...

The chemistry behind some of it can be daunting (the damaged-protein concept in particular seems hard to grasp if one does not know chemistry well) but when one sees/feels the actual effects, it is astonishing.

The biochemistry of neurotransmitters, and how foods can damage one's healthy responses, is really the most astonishing thing.

Good health to you-- your body undoubtedly will continue to thrive by your careful attention to what different foods' effects are (even within the Wai diet, we are all individual). I share your gratitude for the publication of this diet online.
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Welcome, and good to hear things are going well. :)
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