for some, foods can cause mental illness

State of mind, mental focus, ADHD, sleep, motivation, studying etc
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Postby Frieda » Sun 29 Jan 2006 19:42

Its funny, I hate how fiber makes me feel as well and I have dealt with both ends of the eating disorder spectrum as well as ADHD and other mental illness. I also have that same love/hate with food in general. I know Wai says it is impossible, but I can definitely over-eat on this diet, binging on fruits, dried fruit, nuts, and more. Of course this is past the feeling of ''full''.
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Postby RRM » Mon 30 Jan 2006 21:23

Yes, you are right, you CAN overeat on this diet if you ignore the signals of your body... Some things are overstated because text becomes unreadable if you count in all the exceptions wih every statement...
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Postby Sunkist » Thu 01 Nov 2007 19:36

I can honsestly say that when I consumed grains and starches in the past, I felt so depressed and at certain times (having noclue it was the grains doing this) I wondered if I needed to be put on anti-depressants.

well thank God I never went that route, but instead after removing the cooked starches from my daily menu, I suddenly felt alive, alert, not lethargic or was amazing!

also I have read different studies that point to the consumption of cooked grains and starches exacerbating schizophrenia

I'm no expert of course, but it is interesting to read some of the case studies
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Postby mballinger » Wed 28 Nov 2007 18:14

I'm another one who does not like the feeling of fiber in my stomach or gut. My ideal diet is to consume my fruit as juice and to have raw egg yolks in the morning and evening (so about 4-6 a day). I juice the fruits with my juicer each morning. I really enjoyed cantaloupe and watermelon juice for several months but am now alternating between apple juice and grapefruit juice. I don't like using extracted oils in my juice (olive oil or coconut oil) ... so I've been using walnuts as my fat during the day to help with blood sugar. I might eat about 10-20 walnuts during the course of a day. I find that I never get a feeling of being overly full or bloated doing my diet this way. I used brazil nuts for a while but was getting a lot of bad ones and some of them really tasted bad like there was a chemical in then. So now I use organic in-shell walnuts. I like the fact that walnuts are high in the beneficial omega 3's. Occasionally I might be tempted by cooked food such as a baked potato, but I always regret it afterwards (bloated heavy feeling), so am getting stronger in resisting the temptation.

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