The understanding of Zen - How it has eased the suffering

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The understanding of Zen - How it has eased the suffering

Postby waipete » Tue 31 May 2011 04:09

About 6 months ago, I was feeling a bit lost, very angry and sad that I couldn't control my situation, I wanted to be happy, and I wasn't. Very frustrated and envious of other peoples happiness, I grew jealous and began secluding myself from others, slipping into depression, I thought to myself "this is not right, I know there is a better way to deal with this" I searched for outside sources to cure me, making leaps of faith in directions to, shamans, religions, ceremonies, chants, rituals, self hypnosis, breathing techniques, brain exercises, etc. Nothing really solved my problems and still I felt lost and confused that my efforts were leading nowhere. I was looking for a solution to all my problems, I began looking more.

I came across a book about Buddhism that I wanted to read, I always wondered what Buddhism is, I'd hear stories of monks like standing on one finger, meditating in ice water, meditating in the antarctic for 2 days, controlling their heart rate, It very much intrigued me to read. I also heard misconceptions of Buddhism like they believe in reincarnation, karma*, a afterlife (nirvana), pray and light incense, Buddhists being linked to atheists all of which were concluded false after reading. It was more of a realization, a deep insightful look of the nature of the universe and the mind how it worked and how to break cycle of thoughts that were causing my suffering. The teachings go to the basics of life, just living is enough to keep us happy and free, freedom of the mind is not having everything you want, but rather not wanting anything at all. Zen is all bout being in reality, be in the moment, conceptualizing takes us away from the moment and we get lost in our thoughts. Most of what I read in the book had no bullshit and didn't require me to take leaps of faith but rather pointed me to become more selfless and clear in my thinking and less selfish and clouded thinking, I have become a lot less stressed, and I cured the anxiety I had.

I always thought of this Buddhism when I think of Wai diet, we realize bad things happen when we try to manipulate our food, controlled by our cravings we destroy our health in the process, and now I'm am understanding that we cannot control the nature of our food, and trying to control it causes suffering.

Go out find a book to read, I'm sure there are lots of good ones, but if you want to the book I read you can message me.

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