Why natural talent is overrated.

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Why natural talent is overrated.

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http://www.smh.com.au/small-business/en ... 1kiqi.html

It seems the learning process functions just like a muscle, and "practice, practice, practice!" is to be the key to training it. Once we practice enough the skill becomes as natural as riding a bike and we can preform without thought, the skill mastered, what next learning to do a wheelie :D . I find it interesting that Tiger Woods would do painstaking drills over and over starting from a young age to achieve great performance. It removed all notions that he was some natural born golfer, which made me feel like I now have an equal chance to the great performers of our time.

I guess if I knew this I wouldn't have given up on trying to learn the piano, I felt frustrated that I wasn't a natural and I felt I my efforts were a waste of time. Little did I know I was doing just right, doing hours of practice was the key to success. I wanted to have to joy of being able to play effortlessly and it interfered with required practice to get there, I was impatient. I'm already applying this to my poker game and my has it increased my winrates by 3 times, and I think if I can find the time again I will pick up a piano again with a new motive to learn!
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Re: Why natural talent is overrated.

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Thank you waipete, you just boosted my inspiration to go and practice :D
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