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I read this morning, true or not that eating Spinach three times a week can help with eyesight. When I did a search of Spinach and eyesight it brought up a page that also said Egg yolks were better than Spinch! Which of course I think is GREAT!
Better Eyesight from Spinach

Lutein, a carotenoid protective against eye diseases such as age-related macular degeneration and cataract, is found in green vegetables, especially spinach, as well as kale and broccoli. But egg yolks, although they contain significantly less lutein than spinach, are a much more bioavailable source whose consumption increases lutein concentrations in the blood many-fold higher than spinach,shows a human study published in the August 2004 issue of the Journal of Nutrition.

Although the mechanism by which egg yolk increases lutein bioavailability is not yet known, it is likely due to the fats (cholesterol and choline) found in egg yolk. Lutein, like other carotenoids, is fat-soluble, so cannot be absorbed unless fat is also present. To maximally boost your lutein absorption, we suggest enjoying your spinach, whether steamed, sautéed or fresh in spinach salad, with a little olive oil and a topping of chopped hard-boiled egg. For a flavorful, quick and easy recipe featuring eggs and spinach, try our Poached Eggs over Spinach and Mushrooms.(October 10, 2004)
and it goes without saying that we must substitute cooked for RAW! DOOOHHH I say it anyway :shock:
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They say the same thing about carrots, several guys on the raw food forum claimed to improve their eyesight dramatically with carrot juice.

What I noticed the most with raw food is how my blood circulates so much better!
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