Q about (cooked) salmon and iron intake.

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Re: Q about (cooked) salmon and iron intake.

Postby Novidez » Mon 09 Jan 2017 03:02

MarciavD wrote:Now I have a very stupid question (and dirty, I am sorry). :oops:
For months my stool was extremely soft or even fluid, past days it seemed to get a bit better, but a better look learned there are pieces of completely unharmed / undigested salmon in my stool... :shock: It is still pink..
How is that possible? What is wrong with me?
Nowadays I eat 300 gr of wild caught salmon. Not cooked, softened in warm water like RRM suggested.
My body craves protein, so I try to listen..

Other things I eat: orange juice, egg yolk, sugar, honey and a few ripe bananas.
This happened to me too... At least some part is digested. I used to think that it was my body excreting the rest that doesn't need or the spoiled parts... But, yeah, probably the answer was that I wasn't digesting it very well too.

The tricky thing is you will never know if you can digest cooked foods actually better just by looking. For example, red meat becomes brown. When I look to my feces, they are brown. But does this mean I have digested it better? Well, I don't know, since the color is the same. Here is easier to see because its color is very vivid.

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