Swollen belly?

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Swollen belly?

Postby the_legacy » Sun 25 Sep 2005 21:42

I have always been a thin guy with a flat as a board stomach....

But now that I've been on this diet the size of my stomach can get very large! It just swells up! I know Wai says that fruit has little fiber compared to vegetables, and I'm not so sure about the degree of that, but it would seem like I'm getting gas from fiber or something...

anyone else have any troubles with this and find a way to overcome it?
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Re: Swollen belly?

Postby Monique » Mon 26 Sep 2005 11:34

yah u better drink juices n not whole fruits
not juices from d mixer but only juices from juice extractor or citrusjuicer
makes ur stomach as flat as possible
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Re: Swollen belly?

Postby nick » Mon 26 Sep 2005 11:43

Do you eat whole fruits?

If you do, you may wanna consider drinking fruit juices instead.

The reason: there are less/practically no fibers in the juice and these fibers from the whole fruits could be causing the gas/bloating.

Look at the old Q & A forum to look for info on this.
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Re: Swollen belly?

Postby May_lee7777 » Mon 03 Oct 2005 22:17

But I was just wondering?!!! If U have a lot of gas in your stumac..doesn't it mean it u don't sonsume enough fat?!!!
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Re: Swollen belly?

Postby RRM » Tue 04 Oct 2005 12:39

When you are on this diet, its mostly caused by consuming too much fiber.
In general, gasses may be caused by:

1. Decomposition of fiber, which, unlike with nutrients doesn't happen enzymatically, but bacterially, causing gasses.

2. Impaired digestion in the colon (which may be caused by multiple factors), inducing the bacterial decomposition of nutrients, protein in particular (foul, sulphur-like gasses)

Factors that cmay cause 2.:
-consuming too much fiber
-bad food combining
-consuming much antinutrients
-anal sex
-foods containing too much bacteria
-consuming way too little fat
-use of laxatives
-antibiotics / other drugs
-beta-carbolines in cooked foods and opioid peptides in wheat/milk
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Re: Swollen belly?

Postby the_legacy » Thu 06 Oct 2005 16:33

-anal sex


Sorry, that made me laugh being that I'm a straight male. :)

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