Resting Heart Rate

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Re: Resting Heart Rate

Post by Oscar »

Depends on the running is quite smooth, and not at all bouncing up and down. 'Normal' amateur running does quite a bit of bouncing though. The trick is to land at your center of gravity in motion. The only difference between jogging and sprinting is the level of inclination.
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Re: Resting Heart Rate

Post by Kasper »

My resting heart rate is around:

I know this because I once was tested three times a day for a week.
Back than I thought this was something good.
Because I've been to doctors for this. And they all say that it was just a good sport heart.
But when those tests were done I hadn't sported for a year.

Now I'm thinking that it might be a sign of hypothyoridism.
Still trying to figure this out. I might do a blood test.
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Re: Resting Heart Rate

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sitting here right now 65BPM
7days off and on
23years old. Age is a factor right?

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Re: Resting Heart Rate

Post by abicahsoul »

I am partaking in a big long time study in Sweden called LifeGene. I went for the first time two days ago. My resting heart rate was then 68, but this was after I just performed a spirometrical test 3 times to test my lung function.
My spirometrical test was above expectations, I had 122% of expected function for my age group, and 113% of expected for my age group during the first second.
They took some other tests but that's not relevant in this post. :o)
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