Strawberry shortcake

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Strawberry shortcake

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This is a recipe I got from YouTube. (Search raw strawberry shortcake on YT).

Ingredients are nuts, strawberries, honey, o.o, dates, salt.

This is the result:


The picture doesn't show much of the crust. I had to scrape away the topping a bit to reveal a bit of the crust.

It tasted good but I had to add more fresh strawberries on top to make it better and balance out the crust a little.

I modified the recipe for the crust by adding raw egg yolk so that I could keep up with my daily egg yolk intake. It made the crust 'dough' a bit more moist and I don't think altered the taste much. I didn't use fresh nuts (I used hazelnuts) and the staleness really came through; however this isn't the fault of the recipe. As I said it was delicious and I will make it again (next time with fresh walnuts).

Also I used sugar instead of honey; I will try and obtain some honey as I think it will taste better with honey.

You could cut out the salt if your skin is sensitive and blend the strawberries a little less if you like.
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