Most Amazing Cherry Smoothie Ever!

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Most Amazing Cherry Smoothie Ever!

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Please note: not suitable for people on the 100% diet


2 peeled apples
Half a lemon
4 peeled bananas (frozen)
200g cherries (frozen, deseeded)
Half a litre of orange juice.

I use the already deseeded frozen cherries from Sainsburys. You can get a pack of 480g for £2, or at the moment buy 3 packs for £5 (special offer). I also buy their orange juice, if I am not able to squeeze oranges myself.


In a blender, cut chunks off the peeled apples into it and discard the apple cores. Squeeze the juice of half a lemon into the blender, on top the apples. Toss in the 4 frozen bananas and frozen cherries, then pour in the orange juice and blend until thick and creamy.


It tastes absolutely delicious. And you can even reduce the amount of orange juice in it if you want it to have a thicker, ice-cream / sorbet consistency, which I eat with a spoon because it is that thick. Yummy!
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