Date balls

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Date balls

Post by Corinne »

This is a fantastic recipe!
For 10 to 15 date balls, you'll need:
-10 Mejoul dates (quite big) or dates from Iran (smaller). Choose the organic kind as they are sun-dried. In Holland you can only find this kind at the health food stores or organic markets. These dates are soft, sweet and sticky. They also peel very easily.
-extra virgin coconut oil
-dried coconut shavings or 12-15 macademia nuts for the nut variation of the recipe

Peel and pit the dates.
If the amount of dates is 1 part, add around 1/2 to 2/3 part of coconut oil to the dates and a table spoon of coconut shavings.
Mush this mixture with a fork to a gluey paste or a large ball. The bowl should come out clean!
Using 2 spoons or your hands form small balls and then roll these in coconut shavings.
Chill in the fridge an hour before enjoying.

For the macademia variation:
Use less and no more than 1/2 part coconut oil.
Shell and grind the macademia nuts into crumbs.
Mush the macademia nuts with the coco oil and dates till you obtain the same gluey paste. This one tends to be more sticky.
Form balls and roll these in the remaining nut crumbs.
Refrigerate for an hour.

ENJOY whenever you need the extra energy boost or reward yourself for NOT giving in to those cravings!

I've also tried this same basic recipe with prunes. I guess it can work with any dried fruit but the date/coco oil combo works the best!

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Post by Iris »

hej, I made this too several times. It's indeed delicious! :P
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Post by fictor »

Sounds lovely! I will try it as soon as possible! :D
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Post by RRM »

Corinne gave me a few of those, and they were delicious indeed!
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