Rice, potato, mushrooms

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Rice, potato, mushrooms

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Blend 1 tomato, with OO, red vinegar, some onion, black pepper, chives, and curry, sugar. Cook your rice in this. Peel some mushrooms, onion, half a potato, (I like it to be 3-5mm thick), let soak in butter / OO, with sugar and whatever spices (curry, pepper) in a frying pan.

I don't know if this is considered frying, because I usually don't use high temperatures. I start the potatoes first because they take more time to cook, than I add the mushrooms and rice.

I find it's difficult to make *little* enough rice, because it always grows to like, triple it's size. Also, I tend to have too much oil in the end and sometimes will need to strain it.

This is my favorite munch food. I usually put in a whole bunch of different spices, but I don't really know what they're called. I try not to put a lot of any one spice though, since spices aren't too good for ya. I like the taste of butter better than OO, so I usually use a combo. Also I'm very slow moving so I usually end up taking an hour to make this, but it probly won't take you that long.
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