All recipes other than 100% Wai can be posted here.
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- buy d biggest edible boletus (=cepe) u can get
cut these in big but very thin slices (d slices of bread)
u can also use scorzonera n/or artichokes (thin slices)
- crush walnuts n macadamia or brazil nuts wd some raisins and add honey n some drops of vinegar 2 it
- cut very thin slices of pear (peeled)

use d cepe as d slices of bread to put d crushed nuts on, n use different layers (of cepe, scorzonera, artichokes n pear) wd nuts-mixture in between.
u can put rosemary, thime, thin slices of green onions n pressed garlic to add flavor (on the nuts-mixture/between d layers)
u can use toothpigs (or somethin similar) to keep d clubsandwich 2gether (pin through all d layers)
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Re: Cepe-Clubsandwich

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Hi everyone! My favourite recipe that I've concocted while on Wai's diet is the following:

Grate two red apples into a bowl, add a sprinkle of lemon juice, a handful of organic raisins (too many pesticides on the non-organic ones), a little bit of cinnamon (if spices don't give you acne) and a chopped banana. I have this for breakfast with a handful of freshly-shelled brazil nuts and it fills me up like birchermuesli. It's delicious. As a munchfood, you could add some fresh organic cream to this dish.
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