Help me please!!! lost weight...

How to prevent unwanted weightloss, and/or even gain muscles
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Help me please!!! lost weight...

Postby libellula » Wed 19 Mar 2008 09:11

Hi, I've got a problem... I have lost 1-2 kgs... I used to be 49-50 kgs, now I'm 48 kgs when I'm DRESSED... And I'm 170cm tall.. :shock: :evil: :evil:
Could anyone take a look at my diet diary and tell me what I'm doing wrong please? I already was a little bony on my upper part(especially in the decolletè area, which really bothered me) but my legs were fine, now I'm very bony in the upper part and it's FREAKING ME OUT :shock: !! I had even planned to try to understand how to gain a little in the upper area, because my legs were fine..

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Postby Oscar » Thu 20 Mar 2008 11:58

There are two reasons why you could lose weight:
1. you're losing the excess water in the skin
2. you're not eating enough

In the case of 1., that's a good thing and there isn't really something you can/want to do about it. In the case of 2., make sure you eat/drink whenever your body needs it.
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Postby RRM » Sun 23 Mar 2008 20:54

With this diet, the most made mistake is not taking in enough energy all the time. Its very hard, but before you learn to do it right, you will lose weight, so you better get to it right away...
Learn to listen to your energy levels and constantly eat to fulfil your energy needs. With a normal diet you didnt have to do that as you easily ate large meals which is very hard on this diet. Instead, with this diet you need to eat many, many, many small meals.

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