Breaking down quantity and quality

How to prevent unwanted weightloss, and/or even gain muscles
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Postby Jodiat » Wed 28 Oct 2009 22:17

Thanks, I think we could be long lost brothers with our style of acne and also think I might have to alter my fish intake. But the proof is in the pudding so I will be reporting my findings.
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Postby RRM » Sat 07 Nov 2009 19:14

Yes, the cysts on my back sometimes grew as wide as 5 cm in diameter. The skin on my back felt as leather, or an elephant skin; very thick and non-sensensitive (to cuts, bruises etc).
Now my skin is very soft, subtle and very sensitive.
And, of course, totally clear!!! :D
With every small deviation of the diet i still get acne.
So, just stick to the 100% strict diet for a while, and we will check out the pudding...

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