maltodextrin, starch instead of saccharose with oil?

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Postby Oscar » Sun 12 Mar 2006 20:25

Roland wrote:As long as I'm burning the energy intake, my pancreas should be ok, I guess...
Correct. As long as your [sugar intake < (blood sugar + glycogen depots) - sugar energy output] you should be fine. If you consume more than this, the excess glucose will be transformed into bodyfat. To do that, you need fat(ty acids), so glucose -> glycerol + fatty acids = bodyfat. If there is no fat available to store the excess glucose, you will mess up your insulin system.

In your case it seems that the ingesting of oil made it possible for your body to actually store the excess glucose, meaning that your intake was to high to begin with.

Controlling the intake of sugars is easier to do in small amounts, if you're used to it. So starches (including Maltodextrin), long chains of glucose, are far more difficult to judge. Starch is broken down into maltose and then into glucose.
I'm not sure about fructose in this sense, because it uses a different digestive route in the body. It might be that fructose will be transformed into glycogen right away, to be used when the blood sugar level is low.
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Re: maltodextrin, starch instead of sacchrose with oil?

Postby benzapp » Mon 20 Mar 2006 22:47

Roland wrote:
Roland wrote:Hi everybody,

I'm new here and gotta ask you guys some questions. Hope you can help me out :-)

Well, I do 3-4 times a week my practice in ashtanga vinyasa yoga (it's a very powerful and acrobatic style of yoga - for further info here is a site of an ashtanga freak:

My problem or my question is: For refilling my muscle-glycogen I use your combination. But when I combine sugar(saccharose= glukose & fructose)) or glukose (dextrose) with oil, i get fat tissue. With high insulin levels, I think, fat goes much easier into the cell ...

Clean starch (it is without fat or protein and can be bought in every supermarket) is a complex carb and i thought it could be a solution instead of fat & simple sugars.

Another carb is Maltodextrin, enzymatically made from starch. Maltodextrin is also longer than simple carbs, but a little shorter than starch; anyway, both of them don't trigger the insulin level that high as clean dextro or sugar.

So what do you think of clean starch and maltodextrin?
Or clean fructose, witch is processed by the liver? So without insulin..

Thanks a lot for your time & greetings from Berlin :-)

RRM, what do you think of maltodextrine, fructose and clean starch?

Maltodextrine in the US is required by law to be produced from corn starch. There are always going to be some residual proteins that result from the manufacturing process. Maltodextrine elsewhere is often times made from wheat, and thus some wheat proteins will remain.

I personally cannot tolerate even small amounts of wheat protein. But it should be fair warning that maltodextrine isn't perfectly clean. I think it would be best to think of it as a munch food... But to each his own.

In terms of the original poster wanting to consume maltodextrine because of the limitations of this diet, that seems to me to be a bit extreme. Bananas are cheap, and other munch foods seem to me to be better choices like potatos or bananas. What are you going to do? Mix a cup of maltodextrine in your OJ or something?

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