non-violent Wai Diet?

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non-violent Wai Diet?

Post by thequietcenter »

Hello, regarding the raw fish part of this diet, it seems that fishing involves using a hook to inflict pain and discomfort on a fish, correct?

But are shrimp caught in a non-violent fashion?

What raw seafood is obtained in a non-violent fashion and how is it obtained?

also, there is no violence in obtaining eggs is there?
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Re: non-violent Wai Diet?

Post by dime »

> fishing involves using a hook

I think vast majority of fish would be caught with nets, like 99.99% of fish that you can buy.
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Re: non-violent Wai Diet?

Post by MarciavD »

There's also a lot of suffering if the fish is caught without a hook, but with a line or a net.
There is no non-violent way to eat meat or fish.
I have my own chickens for the eggs, because the chickens in the industry suffer a lot too. So that could be an idea.
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