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Re: Ultimate health guide

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I wanted to add some female specific items to this list, to share with other readers/partners/spouses/friends.

Healthy menstrual products: Use menstrual cups (like keeper, diva cup or others), reusable cloth pads (glad rags, hemp cloth, flannel, a simple wash cloth) or sea sponges instead of paper products and tampons. You reduce/eliminate risk of toxic shock, rashes, exposure to bleach/perfume/chemicals, protect the environment and get great protection and ease of use. Menstrual cups are my favorite freeing female products out there - great hygiene, no need for constrictive underwear, the ability to swim any time of month, and increased privacy in general when you have your period.

Clothing: Go bra free whenever possible for breast health. Avoid synthetic materials in any type of clothing, which don't allow your skin to breath properly.

And this is just purely for convenience and hygiene: look into female urination devices (such as go-girl). These simple funnels allow women to pee like men, standing up. Not so important if you're home, but its great to be able to avoid the grime of a public restroom, or go in the woods with more privacy. My husband got me one and I thought it was a joke, but it is quite revolutionary and incredibly useful.
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Re: Ultimate health guide

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For any medical or cleaning issue, I try to solve it using only these four items:

1. Coconut oil
2. Vinegar (apple cider for medical, white for cleaning)
3. Baking soda
4. Borax
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Re: Ultimate health guide

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Tongue-coating --> xylitol + bio-kult powder on tongue
Athlete foot --> Af24
Skin fungus --> Af24

in my opinion
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Re: Ultimate health guide

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Some easy ways to reduce EMFs

First, theory.

3 types of EMFs are

RFs (Radio Frequencies, from phones, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth).

ELFs (electric fields, from anything electric. Even if it's off, as long as it's plugged in).

MFs (magnetic fields, from anything electric, only when it's on. Only badly wired cables and machines will give these).

Radio Frequencies
To get rid of RFs, set your router to wired-only. Turn off Wi-Fi and plug in. If this is impossible, you can turn down router power and ping-rate in the router settings.

Keep bluetooth/Wi-Fi/Data off on your phone. Ideally keep it in airplane mode. I'll turn on data to load a page, and once it's loaded put it in airplane mode to read it. I keep the phone away from my body while it's not in Airplane mode.

Stay away from any appliances / chords. More distance is better. Unplug whatever you're not using.

Definitely put the phone in Airplane mode at night. Unplug everything in your bedroom. Even better, turn off the electric for your house at night (except maybe the kitchen, for the fridge).

^^ This post contains only free options. If you wanna spend, first thing to buy is a TF2 EMF meter to measure your area.
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