Dust from computer causing allergies?

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Dust from computer causing allergies?

Postby waipete » Sun 15 Jan 2012 12:12

Well I concluded that the dust from inside the computer has been casing my allergies. I thought when I moved to a new house with non carpet floors I would be fine, but no, my allergies stayed the same. I always had my computer near my sleeping area so it has to be the problem.

Today I opened it up and my my 5 years of dust (well not totally I have cleaned the CPU FAN and CPU HEATSINK about 15 months ago) but today I was gonna clean everywhere I could reach into. My tools, some qtips and some toilet paper.
-Cleaned out CPU FAN and HEATSINK
-Cleaned everywhere I could reach with my Qtips

After I closed up I used a dried up baby wipe to cover all the ventilations on my computer to act as a filter, they seemed to have just enough air flow and fluffiness to catch a lot of dust, I probably should have rinsed them with water first.

The heat sensors in my computer read 10c lower temps so my filters are fine and not causing any overheating. This is good for the computer I hope it is good for me also.

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