Plastic surgery

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Plastic surgery

Postby andyville » Thu 08 Jun 2006 21:23

I come from a country where plastic surgery is still taboo - it's not something you talk about, and the one concern for people who decide to do it as that the procedures must be as hard to notice as possible. Is the situation the same in the US and other countries?

Also, it would be nice to hear if anyone knows about the medical side of some of the most common plastic surgeries, such as breast implants, botox injections and so on. I've read many conflicting reports on these matters - obviously, the esthetical plastic surgery business is huuuge, so one has to check the source of all information twice. However, one must also take into consideration the positive psychological aspects that a lot of people report after going through surgeries.

I'm principally very pro-plastic surgery; if these operations can help people feel better about themselves, that's great! I think most humans are naturally quite esthetical beings, and it can be very frustrating to be unhappy about your looks. I wrote my master's thesis in Psychology on factors affecting happiness, and it turned out that being content with one's looks was the one single most important happyness factor, at least among Swedish university students, which built up the sample for the study.

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