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Re: teeth

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White coating of tongue is always an indicator of someone who eats a lot of sugar and I have seen alot of people on a normal diet who had yellow orange tongues because of all the plaque.

I think it's plaque that gets attracted from all the sugars. I always brush my tongue with coconut oil and there is no problem. I think in a normal diet you will chew more, so you will produce more saliva and saliva is good at eliminating bacterias. That's why I always chew for a bit on my juice, also for digesting it better. Saliva contains a lot of enzymes that will help.

Brush your teeth only with coconut oil and very soft and use the bates method. I think normal toothpaste contains a lot of abrasives and when exposed to a lot of acid, like on wai, your teeth are more suspectible to corrosion. My mother has always brushed here teeth twice a day with toothpaste, eats a lot of alkaline foods, no sugars and has a very poor dental health. That's why I'm not buying the toothpaste crap. I have read alot of Price's writings and I think that proper nutrition prevents tooth decay. Vitamin D and Vitamin B play a huge role herein. And we don't need to worry about nutrients so we shouldn't be too scared of tooth decay.

I have also noticed the healing capacity of my mouth. At some times I get a really sore feeling in a teeth during my inspection with my nails by rubbing over the teeth. Then I started paying more attention to that part of the mouth and brush very soft and long at this place. It might take some weeks but it always gets repaired again and doesn't hurty anymore. Just be very thorough
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Re: teeth

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I drink juice very rarely, so I think more saliva can't be the reason because I anyway have to chew the fruits.
There's really no difference in how I eat, and how I brush, yet the more fruits I eat the whiter the tongue becomes.

I agree about the teeth/tongue care you wrote about. I'm just puzzled about the fruit - white tongue connection :)
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Re: teeth

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I drink juice with loads of sugar, and my tongue is always perfectly fine.
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Re: teeth

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A question to those who use only water and soft toothbrush for brushing.
I've noticed lately that many of the lower teeth on the back side are getting quite some black coating, and on the front side (both upper and lower teeth) tiny black spots appear, which I can often simply remove by scratching with my nails. Do you observe anything similar too? I'm brushing in the morning/evening, otherwise I rinse with water after each meal. I'm thinking the brush might be too soft.
Otherwise brushing with water/soft brush seem to be extremely good for remineralizing teeth.
I can actually scrape off this black calculus everywhere with my nails, but not with the toothbrush. I should definitely get a harder brush before it starts getting worse. I'm just interested if others have this problem.
For me, this problem also has started after a high fruit diet, I brush my teeth in the morning/evening, rinse with water after each meal and I use dental floss. also i do fasting for 17hours. Only with a sharp tool I can remove those dark spots near gum line. I am worried if this will have negative effect on teeth health on a long run.
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