Sign online petitions and make donations for a good cause

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Sign online petitions and make donations for a good cause

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1) Sign online petitions for a good cause. Here a few sites where you can make an account and start signing away! , , (where stars like Leo DiCaprio and Robert Redford play major roles), and the list goes on...these are just some great ones I am also involved with. They'll send you weekly petitions, all you do is sign in and click, it's that easy :D .

2) Make donations ($25 a month?) to legitimate sites for good causes...I know it seems like much, but I am in no way wealthy, I still go to school and work part-time, just as my boyfriend does. We share a small apartment and combined, we pull in $30,000 a year...yet we still contribute for causes we strongly believe in. We just keep reminding ourselves that, people/animals are DYING everyday FROM LACK OF FOOD!!... & from other ignorance.

I don't have an agenda here, but I just want to help spread awareness with everything I get involved with :shock:
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