Real carb content in nuts

About consuming nuts (and seeds)
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Real carb content in nuts

Postby ketodog » Sat 24 Mar 2007 17:04

According to the nutrient calculator and the USDA database, nuts, seeds and even frut like avocado are lisetd as contaning a certain amount of carbohydrates.

But when we see the type of those carbohydrate, most of it is fiber. So, for Brazil nuts for example, the carb content is 12.8% and the fiber content is 5.4%.

Should we discard the fiber content to calculate the REAL carb content?

If this is the case, Brazil nuts contain 7.4% of carbs. (12.8% - 5.4%). Right?
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Re: Real carb content in nuts

Postby RRM » Sat 24 Mar 2007 17:34

Nutritionally, carbs do not include fiber. So that the carb contents are the real carb contents. Thats is the european method, at least.
For example:
According to Souci, SW et al, Brazil nuts contain 3.6% carbs and 6.7% fiber. That 3.6% is mostly sucrose (2.3%), glucose, fructose and some other ones.
The USDA, however, indeed lists fiber as carbs: 12.3% carbs, of which 7% fiber, as they use the term "carbs by difference", which is total - (water + protein + fats + ash) = carbs.

This is confusing, indeed, as our nutrient calculator contains both methods, depending on what option you choose: [2][1] or [1][2]
If you want to know real carb contents, simply choose [2][1] (based on Souci calculations and data, completed with USDA data)

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