At day 4, skin is gettin worse.

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At day 4, skin is gettin worse.

Postby mars86 » Thu 21 Jan 2010 12:14

I'm a little concerned as I have been trying the wai diet to the tee for 4 full days now. My face has pink patches everywhere, lots little bumps on my forehead and nose feels un-smooth. I really feel like scratching and exfoliating. Just feels horrid. When should I be seeing results? Should be getting better right? Mind you I havent had any major cists or major whiteheads, just a couple of small ones.
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Postby martianwarrior » Fri 22 Jan 2010 15:25

for most people it takes at least two weeks to get clear, although it could take a bit longer... everyone is different. it's normal for skin to get worse within the first few days.

i started this diet for health reasons and came into it without any skin problems. during the first few weeks on the diet had small breakouts here and there.

just make sure you are doing the diet 100% and things will turn out well. don't fight it or stress out over it, just ride it out.
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Postby RRM » Tue 26 Jan 2010 14:06

Its really normal, as now the trapped sebum and pus can finally reach the surface of the skin.
Once all that has been cleared out, your skin will be soft and clear.

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