Honey combinations

All recipes other than 100% Wai can be posted here.
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Honey combinations

Postby Wintran » Tue 16 May 2006 00:24

Hi everyone!

The last months I've fell in love with honey, and my favorite combination so far is honey with some butter covered with hazelnuts, which works great for someone like me who's had a hard time with OJ but needs the raw energy it provides. Honey didn't taste very good with olive oil so I thought that butter (vegetable butter based on rapeseed oil) would be the second best solution for some extra fat. The only problem is that the nuts are somewhat hard on your teeth.

I've also combined honey and avocado, or put some honey on a banana and combined this with an avocado, which works really well.

Any other honey combinations out there that you recommend?
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Postby RRM » Tue 16 May 2006 15:18

Hi Wintran :D ; a very long time no see!
Good to see you back.

Yes, butter and honey somehow is an excellent (munchfood) combination.
You can simply crush the nuts beforehand (crush them in a small bowl) to make that mix easier on your teeth.
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Postby Wintran » Wed 17 May 2006 00:01

Hi RRM! :P Thanks for the welcome back!

I realized I haven't been here for a while, but I definitely haven't forgotten about the diet. Actually I've gotten more and more interested in the science of food (whatever it's called) to be able to provide better answers for people interested in the diet, and to understand it in a deeper sense. Haven't gotten that far yet - it's easy to get lost in all the fancy terms - but I'm finding it more and more interesting.

I'm not following the diet 100% currently and use it more as a compliment and general guidelines, as my skin is ok and I'm training a lot and don't want to risk losing weight. Right now I'm trying to replace unnecessary munch food, such as bread, with better alternatives like the honey/butter/nuts combination (though you're right of course in that they're still a kind of munch food as the butter is not acceptable in the strict diet).

Thanks for the crushing tip, I'll give it a try!
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Postby avo » Wed 17 May 2006 19:38

I'll second the banana-avocado-honey mixture. I usually do 2 bananas, 2 avocados (smallish-medium) and 1 T of honey, and lighty mash together. This has to be the best tasting thing I have had in a long time, I look foward to it everyday. I've also had some honey with bananas and egg yolks, it was very good. The yolks and honey became runny when combined. Is yolks + sugar (or honey) a bad combination?
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Postby Oscar » Wed 17 May 2006 20:12

I don't think so. :)
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Postby Corinne » Thu 18 May 2006 00:02

Hi Wintram,
Have you tried coconut oil?
I find that when I'm fed up with OO and need a change in taste I take coco oil.
It's really yummy, buttery and fatty! WOuld be great with your nuts and honey. I love to mash it in with my banana and then stir in the egg yolks.
just had it now in fact!

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