Spirulina and Chlorella

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Spirulina and Chlorella

Postby dunsang » Wed 06 Dec 2006 01:37

Hi all,

I take Spirulina and Chlorella as they are very nutritious and supposed to be great for all kinds of things. Its raw - blue green algae. Is raw algae kosher for this diet? What do you think?

Thanks. : )
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Postby RRM » Wed 06 Dec 2006 11:03

We dont need it, as all the nutrients you need are already supplied by animal food and fruits.
Also, regarding acne, the algae contains too much salt.
Some algae contain way too much iodide.

When you ingest all required nutrients, you cannot obtain health benefits by consuming more nutrients, as the body is an extremely sophysticated structure of intertwined systems that all need to be in balance.
Health benefits are obtained by eliminating toxins and anti-nutrients (and excess nutrients) from your diet (and environment)

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